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List of books by Jack Ludlow

List of Books Jack Ludlow with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jack Ludlow. Find my selection in date order of Jack Ludlow books.

Jack Ludlow List of Books to Read

Privateersman Mysteries Books

The Devil’s Own Luck         (1991)           

The Dying Trade      (1993)           

A Hanging Matter   (1994)           

An Element of Chance       (1995)           

The Scent of Betrayal         (1996)           

A Game of Bones    (1997)           

 Markham Of The Marines Books

Shred of Honour     (1996)           

Honour Redeemed (1997)           

Honour Be Damned            (1999)           

 SAS Boat Troop Books

Boat Troop   (1997)           

Blood Money           (1998)           

Direct Action            (2000)           

 Nelson and Emma Books

On a Making Tide    (2001)           

Tested by Fate         (2001)           

Breaking the Line    (2001)           

 John Pearce Books

By the Mast Divided           (2004)           

A Shot Rolling Ship (2005)           

An Awkward Commission (2006)           

A Flag of Truce         (2008)           

The Admirals’ Game           (2008)           

An Ill Wind    (2009)           

Blown Off Course    (2011)           

Enemies at Every Turn       (2011)           

A Sea of Troubles    (2012)           

A Divided Command           (2014)           

The Devil to Pay       (2014)           

The Perils of Command     (2015)           

A Treacherous Coast          (2015)           

On a Particular Service      (2017)           

A Close Run Thing   (2018)           

 Republic Books

The Pillars of Rome (2007)           

The Sword of Revenge       (2008)           

The Gods of War     (2008)           

 Conquest Trilogy Books

Mercenaries (2009)           

Warriors        (2009)           

Conquest      (2010)           

 Road To War Books

The Burning Sky      (2011)           

A Broken Land         (2011)           

A Bitter Field            (2012)           

 Crusades Trilogy Books

Son of Blood (2012)           

Soldier of Crusade  (2012)           

The Prince of Legend         (2013)           

 Last Roman Trilogy Books

Vengeance    (2014)           

Honour          (2014)           

 Contraband Shore Books

The Contraband Shore      (2017)           

 Standalone Novels

A Lawless Place       (2018)                                   

List of books by Jack Ludlow

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jack Ludlow.

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