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List of Books Jack London with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jack London. Find my selection in date order of Jack London books.

Jack London List of Books to Read

Standalone Novels

The Cruise of the Dazzler  (1902)           

A Daughter of the Snows  (1902)           

The Kempton-Wace Letters         (1903)           

The Call of the Wild            (1903)           

The Sea-Wolf           (1904)           

The Game     (1905)           

White Fang   (1905)           

Before Adam            (1906)           

The Iron Heel           (1907)           

Martin Eden (1909)           

Burning Daylight     (1910)           

The Abysmal Brute (1911)           

Adventure     (1911)           

Smoke Bellew          (1912)           

The Valley of the Moon     (1913)           

Mutiny of the Elsinore       (1914)           

The Scarlet Plague  (1915)           

The Star Rover         (1915)           

The Little Lady of the Big House  (1916)           

Jerry of the Islands (1917)           

Michael, Brother of Jerry  (1917)           

Hearts of Three       (1918)           

The Assassination Bureau, Ltd.   (1964)           

Daughters of the Rich        (1971)           

The Man with the Gash     (1981)           

All Gold Canyon       (1998)           

Where the Trail Forks        (2000)           

 Short Story Collections

The Son of the Wolf           (1900)           

The God of His Fathers      (1901)           

Children of the Frost          (1902)           

The Faith of Men    (1904)           

Tales of the Fish Patrol      (1905)           

Moon-Face   (1906)           

Love of Life   (1907)           

Lost Face       (1910)           

South Sea Tales       (1911)           

When God Laughs  (1911)           

A Son of the Sun     (1912)           

The House of Pride (1913)           

The Night-Born        (1913)           

The Sea-Wolf and Selected Stories         (1913)           

The Strength of the Strong           (1914)           

The Turtles of Tasman       (1916)           

The Human Drift     (1917)           

On the Makaloa Mat          (1919)           

The Red One (1919)           

Dutch Courage        (1922)           

Jack London’s Stories for Boys     (1936)           

The Sea Wolf and Other Stories  (1940)           

Brown Wolf  (1963)           

The Science Fiction Stories of Jack London      (1976)           

Curious Fragments (1976)           

Works of Jack London        (1980)           

The Call of the Wild, White Fang (1981)           

The Unabridged Jack London       (1981)           

The Scarlet Plague and Other Stories    (1986)           

To Build a Fire          (1986)           

Batard           (1987)           

Tales of the Pacific  (1989)           

The Collected Jack London           (1991)           

Five Great Short Stories    (1992)           

The Marriage of Lit-Lit       (1995)           

Northland Stories   (1997)           

Classic Short Stories           (1998)           

Island Tales   (1998)           

The Scorn of Women         (1998)           

Fantastic Tales         (1998)           

Aloha OE       (2000)           

Amateur Night         (2000)           

At the Rainbow’s End         (2000)           

The Benefit of the Doubt  (2000)           

The Birth Mark        (2000)           

The Bones of Kahekili         (2000)           

Bunches of Knuckles          (2000)           

Chun Ah Chun          (2000)           

A Daughter of the Aurora (2000)           

A Day’s Lodging       (2000)           

The Dream of Debs (2000)           

The Enemy of All the World          (2000)           

Flush of Gold            (2000)           

Four Horses and a Sailor   (2000)           

The Great Interrogation    (2000)           

Grit of Women        (2000)           

The Heathen (2000)           

The House of Mapuhi        (2000)           

A Hyperborean Brew          (2000)           

The Inevitable White Man and Other South Sea Tales          (2000)           

The Kanaka Surf      (2000)           

Koolau the Leper     (2000)           

The Leopard Man’s Story  (2000)           

Local Color    (2000)           

The Madness of John Harned      (2000)           

Mauki (2000)           

The Men of Forty Mile       (2000)           

The Mexican (2000)           

Negore, the Coward           (2000)           

Nothing that Ever Came to Anything     (2000)           

An Odyssey of the North   (2000)           

The One Thousand Dozen (2000)           

The Passing of Marcus O’Brien    (2000)           

Planchette    (2000)           

The Priestly Prerogative    (2000)           

A Relic of the Pliocene       (2000)           

Samuel          (2000)           

The Sea-Farmer       (2000)           

The Seed of McCoy (2000)           

The Shadow and the Flash            (2000)           

The Sheriff of Kona (2000)           

Shin-Bones   (2000)           

Siwash           (2000)           

Small-Boat Sailing   (2000)           

South of the Slot     (2000)           

The Story of Jees Uck         (2000)           

The Story of Keesh  (2000)           

The Sun-Dog Trail   (2000)           

Tales from the Arctic North          (2000)           

Tales of Hawaii        (2000)           

The Tears of Ah Kim           (2000)           

The Terrible Solomons       (2000)           

Dead Men Rise Up Never  (2000)           

That Spot      (2000)           

To Kill a Man            (2000)           

To the Man on the Trail     (2000)           

Too Much Gold       (2000)           

Trust  (2000)           

The Unexpected      (2000)           

The Unparalleled Invasion            (2000)           

The Water Baby      (2000)           

The Whale Tooth    (2000)           

When the World was Young        (2000)           

The White Man’s Way       (2000)           

The White Silence   (2000)           

A Wicked Woman   (2000)           

The Wife of a King  (2000)           

The Wisdom of the Trail    (2000)           

The Wit of Porportuk         (2000)           

Yah! Yah! Yah! and Other South Sea Tales       (2000)           

The Collected Stories of Jack London     (2000)           

In a Far Country      (2000)           

Jack London in Aloha Land           (2001)           

Tales of the Klondyke         (2001)           

The Plague, Pestilence & Apocalypse MEGAPACK TM           (2015)           

 Non-Fiction Books

The People of the Abyss    (1903)           

The Road       (1907)           

War of the Classes  (1908)           

Revolution and Other Essays       (1909)           

The Cruise of the Snark     (1913)           

John Barleycorn      (1913)                       

List of books by Jack London

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jack London.

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