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List of books by Jack L. Chalker

List of Books Jack L. Chalker with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jack L. Chalker. Find my selection in date order of Jack L. Chalker books.

Jack L. Chalker List of Books to Read

Well Of Souls Books

Midnight at the Well of Souls      (1977)           

Exiles at the Well of Souls (1978)           

Quest for the Well of Souls          (1979)           

The Return of Nathan Brazil         (1979)           

Twilight at the Well of Souls        (1980)           

The Sea is Full of Stars       (1999)           

Ghost of the Well of Souls            (2000)           

Four Lords Of The Diamond Books

Lilith: A Snake in the Grass           (1981)           

Cereberus: A Wolf in the Fold      (1981)           

Charon: A Dragon at the Gate     (1982)           

Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail          (1983)           

Dancing Gods Books

The River of Dancing Gods           (1984)           

Demons of the Dancing Gods      (1984)           

Vengeance of the Dancing Gods (1985)           

Songs of the Dancing Gods          (1990)           

Horrors of the Dancing Gods       (1995)           

Soul Rider Books

Spirits of Flux and Anchor (1984)           

Empires of Flux and Anchor         (1984)           

Masters of Flux and Anchor         (1985)           

The Birth of Flux and Anchor       (1985)           

Children of Flux and Anchor         (1986)           

Soul Rider Books

The Birth of Flux and Anchor       (1985)           

Spirits of Flux and Anchor (1984)           

Empires of Flux and Anchor         (1984)           

Masters of Flux and Anchor         (1985)           

Children of Flux and Anchor         (1986)           

Rings Of The Master Books

Lords of the Middle Dark  (1986)           

Pirates of the Thunder       (1987)           

Warriors of the Storm       (1987)           

Masks of the Martyrs        (1988)           

Changewinds Books

When the Changewinds Blow      (1987)           

Riders of the Winds            (1988)           

War of the Maelstrom       (1988)           

G.O.D. Inc. Books

The Labyrinth of Dreams   (1987)           

The Shadow Dancers         (1987)           

The Maze in the Mirror     (1989)           

Quintara Marathon Books

The Demons of the Rainbow Bridge       (1989)           

The Run to Chaos Keep     (1991)           

The Ninety Trillion Fausts (1991)           

Watchers At The Well Books


Echoes of the Well of Souls          (1993)           

Shadow of the Well of Souls        (1994)           

Gods of the Well of Souls (1994)           

Wonderland Gambit Books

The Cybernetic Walrus      (1995)           

The March Hare Network (1996)           

The Hot-Wired Dodo          (1997)           

Three Kings Books

Balshazzar’s Serpent          (2000)           

Melchior’s Fire         (2001)           

Kaspar’s Box (2003)           

Standalone Novels

A Jungle of Stars      (1976)           

The Web of the Chozen     (1978)           

Dancers in the Afterglow  (1978)           

A War of Shadows  (1979)           

And the Devil Will Drag You Under         (1979)           

The Devil’s Voyage  (1981)           

The Identity Matrix (1982)           

Downtiming the Night Side          (1985)           

The Messiah Choice           (1985)           

The Red Tape War  (1991)           

Priam’s Lens (1999)           

The Moreau Factor (2000)           

Short Story Collections

Dance Band on the Titanic           (1988)           

Dancers in the Dark            (2002)           


Hotel Andromeda   (1994)           

List of books by Jack L. Chalker

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jack L. Chalker.

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