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List of Books Jaci Burton with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Jaci Burton. Find my selection in date order of Jaci Burton books.

Jaci Burton List of Books to Read

Passion In Paradise Books

Paradise Awakening           (2003)           

Paradise Revival      (2009)           

Paradise Discovery (2009)           

Devlin Destiny Books

Fall Fury        (2004)           

Mountain Moonlight         (2005)           

Running Mate          (2009)           

Legend’s Passion     (2009)           

Devlin Destiny Books

Running Mate          (2009)           

Fall Fury        (2004)           

Mountain Moonlight         (2005)           

Legend’s Passion     (2009)           

Storm For All Seasons Books

Summer Heat           (2004)           

Fall Fury        (2004)           

Spring Rain   (2005)           

Winter Ice     (2009)           

Storm For All Seasons Books

Summer Heat           (2004)           

Fall Fury        (2004)           

Winter Ice     (2009)           

Spring Rain   (2005)           

Chains Of Love Books

Bound to Trust        (2005)           

Demand to Submit (2009)           

Demon Hunters Books

Surviving Demon Island     (2006)           

Hunting the Demon            (2007)           

The Darkest Touch  (2008)           

Taken by Sin (2009)           

Wild Riders Books

Riding Wild   (2008)           

Riding Temptation  (2008)           

Riding on Instinct    (2009)           

Riding the Night      (2010)           

Riding to Sunset      (2013)           

Riding the Edge       (2019)           

Wild Riders Books

Riding Wild   (2008)           

Riding Temptation  (2008)           

Riding on Instinct    (2009)           

Riding the Edge       (2019)           

Riding the Night      (2010)           

Riding to Sunset      (2013)           

Knights Of The Board Room Collections

Unlaced         (2008)           

Laced with Desire   (2010)           

Kismet Books

Winterland Destiny            (2009)           

Fiery Fate      (2009)           

Aftermath     (2009)           

Nauti Boys Collections

Nauti and Wild        (2010)           

Nautier and Wilder (2011)           

Kent Brothers Books

All She Wants for Christmas         (2010)           

A Rare Gift    (2011)           

The Best Thing         (2012)           


Play By Play Books

The Perfect Play      (2011)           

Changing the Game            (2011)           

Taking a Shot           (2012)           

Playing to Win         (2012)           

Thrown by a Curve  (2013)           

One Sweet Ride       (2013)           

Holiday Games        (2013)           

Melting the Ice        (2014)           

Straddling the Line (2014)           

Holiday on Ice          (2014)           

Quarterback Draw  (2015)           

All Wound Up          (2015)           

Hot Holiday Nights (2015)           

Unexpected Rush   (2016)           

Mistletoe Games    (2016)           

Rules of Contact      (2016)           

The Final Score        (2017)           

Shot on Gold            (2018)           

Killer Books

The Heart of a Killer            (2011)           

Hope Books

Hope Flames            (2013)           

Hope Ignites (2014)           

Hope Smolders        (2014)           

Hope Burns  (2014)           

Love After All           (2015)           

Make Me Stay         (2015)           

Don’t Let Go (2016)           

Love Me Again         (2017)           

One Perfect Kiss      (2018)           

Hope Books

Hope Smolders is a prequel to the Hope series.

Brotherhood By Fire Books

Hot to the Touch     (2019)           

Boots and Bouquets Books

The Matchmaker’s Mistletoe Mission   (2019)           

Standalone Novels

Magnolia Summer  (2005)           

Midnight Velvet      (2005)           

Out of the Darkness           (2006)           

Rescue Me    (2006)           

Nothing Personal    (2007)           

Wild, Wicked & Wanton   (2007)           

Show Me       (2007)           

Unwrapped  (2007)           

Dare to Love (2008)           

Unraveled     (2008)           

Dream On     (2009)           

Hands On      (2009)           

Holiday Bound         (2009)           

Bound, Branded and Brazen        (2010)           

Short Stories/Novellas

Bite Me         (2009)           

Lycan’s Surrender   (2009)           

Tangled Web            (2009)           

True Lies        (2009)           

Animal Instincts      (2009)           

The Ties That Bind  (2012)           

No Strings Attached           (2013)           

Wild Nights  (2013)           

Love Me by Christmas       (2017)           

Short Story Collections

Mesmerized (2003)           

Primal Heat  (2004)           

Legendary Tails II    (2005)           

Making Waves         (2006)           

Going the Distance (2006)           

White Hot Holidays, Volume III   (2006)           

Fever-Hot Dreams  (2007)           

Exclusive       (2007)           

Sneak Peek   (2008)           

Forbidden Fantasies           (2008)           

Holiday Seduction   (2008)           

Holiday Heat (2009)           

Tempt Me Twice     (2009)           

Naughty and Nice   (2010)           

Holiday Kisses          (2011)           

Romancing the Holiday     (2012)           

Hot Summer Nights            (2013)                                                                                               

List of books by Jaci Burton

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Jaci Burton.

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