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List of books by J. Robert Kennedy

List of Books J. Robert Kennedy with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, J. Robert Kennedy. Find my selection in date order of J. Robert Kennedy books.

J. Robert Kennedy List of Books to Read

James Acton Books

The Protocol (2011)           

Brass Monkey          (2011)           

Broken Dove (2012)           

The Templar’s Relic (2012)           

Flags of Sin   (2013)           

The Arab Fall            (2013)           

The Circle of Eight   (2013)           

The Venice Code     (2014)           

Pompeii’s Ghosts    (2014)           

Amazon Burning     (2014)           

The Riddle     (2014)           

Blood Relics  (2015)           

Sins of the Titanic   (2015)           

Saint Peter’s Soldiers         (2015)           

The Thirteenth Legion       (2016)           

Raging Sun   (2016)           

Wages of Sin            (2016)           

Wrath of the Gods (2017)           

The Templar’s Revenge     (2017)           

The Nazi’s Engineer            (2017)           

Atlantis Lost (2018)           

Detective Shakespeare Books

Depraved Difference          (2011)           

Tick Tock       (2011)           

The Redeemer         (2012)           

Zander Varga: Vampire Detective Books

The Turned   (2012)           

Special Agent Dylan Kane Books

Rogue Operator      (2013)           

Containment Failure          (2013)           

Cold Warriors          (2014)           

Death to America    (2014)           

Black Widow            (2015)           

The Agenda  (2017)           

Retribution   (2017)           

Delta Force Unleashed Books

Payback         (2015)           

Infidels           (2015)           

The Lazarus Moment         (2015)           

Kill Chain       (2016)           

Forgotten     (2016)           

Templar Detective Books

The Templar Detective      (2017)           

The Templar Detective and teh Parisian Adulteress   (2018)           

The Templar Detective and the Sergeant’s Secret      (2018)           

Short Stories/Novellas

Loving the Ingredients       (2010)           

Does It Matter?       (2011)           

Short Story Collections

A Short Story Trio   (2012)           

List of books by J. Robert Kennedy

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author J. Robert Kennedy.

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