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List of books by J. R. Rain

List of Books J. R. Rain with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, J. R. Rain. Find my selection in date order of J. R. Rain books.

J. R. Rain List of Books to Read

Spider Books

Bad Blood     (2008)           

Spider Web  (2013)           

Jim Knighthorse Books

Dark Horse    (2010)           

The Mummy Case   (2010)           

Hail Mary      (2011)           

Clean Slate    (2013)           

Easy Rider     (2014)           

Vampire For Hire Books

Moon Dance            (2009)           

Vampire Moon        (2010)           

American Vampire  (2011)           

Moon Child   (2011)           

Christmas Moon     (2011)           

Vampire Dawn         (2012)           

Vampire Games       (2012)           

Moon Island (2012)           

Moon River  (2013)           

Vampire Sun (2014)           

Moon Dragon          (2014)           

Moon Shadow         (2016)           

Vampire Fire (2016)           

Midnight Moon       (2017)           

Moon Angel (2017)           

Vampire Sire (2018)           

Dead Moon  (2019)           

Lost Moon    (2019)           

Samantha Moon Short Stories

Vampire Dreams     (2012)           

Halloween Moon    (2012)           

Vampire Gold           (2013)           

Blue Moon    (2013)           

Dark Side of the Moon      (2014)           

Vampire Requiem   (2015)           

Moon Love   (2016)           

Moon Extras (2017)           

Samantha Moon Case Files Books

Vampire Nights and Other Stories          (2014)           

Moon Bayou            (2015)           


Spinoza Books

The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo    (2010)           

The Vampire Who Played Dead   (2011)           

The Vampire in the Iron Mask     (2012)           

The Vampire on the Train (2015)           

Return Of Aladdin Books

Aladdin Relighted   (2011)           

Aladdin Sins Bad     (2011)           

Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman           (2012)           

Grail Quest Trilogy Books

Arthur            (2011)           

Ghost Files Books

Ghost College          (2011)           

Nick Caine Books

Temple of the Jaguar         (2012)           

Treasure of the Deep         (2013)           

Pyramid of the Gods          (2013)           

Your Choice Gamebooks

Deep Sea Danger    (2011)           

The Legend of Eagle Eye Mountain        (2011)           

Playoff Pressure      (2011)           

Walking Plague Books

Zombie Patrol          (2013)           

Zombie Rage            (2013)           

Witches Books

The Witch and the Gentleman    (2013)           

The Witch and the Englishman    (2014)           

The Witch and the Huntsman      (2015)           

PSI Trilogy Books

Hear No Evil  (2013)           

See No Evil    (2014)           

Speak No Evil           (2016)           

Dead Detective Books

The Dead Detective            (2014)           

Ghosts of Christmas Present        (2014)           

Deadbeat Dad          (2016)           

Accidental Superheroine Books

The Accidental Superheroine       (2015)           

My Big Fat Accidental Superheroine Wedding            (2016)           

Watson Files Books


Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Shakespeare           (2016)           

Sherlock Holmes and the Lost da Vinci  (2017)           

Sherlock Holmes and the Werewolf of West End       (2018)           

Major Quatermain Books

The Spear      (2017)           

Winter Solstice Books

Convergence            (2017)           

Containment            (2017)           

Samantha Moon Origins Books

New Moon Rising   (2017)           

Moon Mourning     (2018)           

Alexis Silver Books

Silver Light    (2017)           

Madd Wimsey Books

The Devil’s Eye         (2017)           

The Drifting Gloom (2018)           

Standalone Novels

Ararat            (2006)           

The Body Departed (2009)           

Elvis Has Not Left the Building     (2010)           

The Lost Ark (2010)           

Cursed!          (2010)           

The Mystery of the Walking Statue        (2011)           

Dare to Enter a Distant World     (2011)           

The Vampire Club   (2011)           

Forever Silent          (2011)           

The Angel and the Gift       (2011)           

The Emerald River   (2011)           

The Secret of the Sphinx   (2011)           

Dragon Assassin      (2013)           

Silent Echo    (2013)           

Jack and the Giants            (2014)           

The Black Fang Betrayal    (2014)           

Winter Wind            (2015)           

Lavabull         (2015)           

The Worm Returns (2016)           

Ice Wolf         (2016)           

The Journey  (2017)           

Immortal Operative Books

Broken Ice    (2019)           

Short Stories

Teeth (2013)           

The Vampire Diaries: Bound by Blood   (2013)           

Dolfin Tayle  (2013)           

The Santa Call          (2014)           

Skeleton Jim (2016)           

Vampire Alley           (2016)           

Vampire Road          (2017)           

Short Story Collections

The Bleeder and Other Stories    (2010)           

Vampires Rain and Other Stories            (2011)           

The Santa Call          (2012)           

Vampire Dreams and Other Stories        (2015)           

Dark Rain      (2017)           

Moonlight & Monsters      (2017)           

Standalone Plays

Judas Silver   (2010)           

Lost Eden      (2010)

List of books by J. R. Rain

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author J. R. Rain.

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