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List of books by J.J. Cook

List of Books J.J. Cook with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, J.J. Cook. Find my selection in date order of J.J. Cook books.

J.J. Cook List of Books to Read

Family Matters Books

A Family for the Sheriff      (1999)           

Sharyn Howard Books

Last Dance    (1999)           

One Last Good-Bye (2000)           

The Last to Remember      (2001)           

Until Our Last Embrace     (2001)           

For the Last Time    (2002)           

Dreams Don’t Last  (2002)           

Last Fires Burning   (2003)           

Glory’s Last Victim  (2003)           

Last Rites      (2004)           

Last One Down        (2004)           

Before the Last Lap            (2005)           

The First Shall Be Last        (2007)           

Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries Books

Pretty Poison           (2005)           

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree            (2006)           

Poisoned Petals       (2007)           

Perfect Poison         (2008)           

A Corpse for Yew     (2009)           

Buried by Buttercups         (2012)           

A Thyme to Die        (2013)           

Lethal Lily      (2014)           

Killing Weeds           (2015)           

Stock Car Racing Mysteries Books

Swapping Paint       (2007)           

Hooked Up   (2008)           

Renaissance Faire Mysteries Books

Wicked Weaves       (2008)           

Ghastly Glass           (2009)           

Deadly Daggers       (2010)           

Harrowing Hats       (2011)           

Treacherous Toys    (2012)           

Murderous Matrimony     (2013)           

Perilous Pranks        (2013)           

Bewitching Boots    (2014)           

Fatal Fairies  (2015)           

Pet Psychic Mysteries Books

The Telltale Turtle   (2008)           

Missing Pieces Mysteries Books

A Timely Vision        (2010)           

A Touch of Gold      (2011)           

A Spirited Gift          (2011)           

A Haunting Dream  (2012)           

A Finder’s Fee          (2013)           

Dae’s Christmas Past          (2014)           

A Watery Death      (2015)           

A Watery Death      (2015)           

Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mysteries Books

That Old Flame of Mine     (2013)           

Hero’s Journey         (2013)           

Playing with Fire      (2014)           

In Hot Water            (2015)           

Sweet Pepper Hero (2016)           

Pie Shop Mysteries Books

Plum Deadly (2013)           

Treacherous Tart    (2014)           

Taxi For The Dead Paranormal Mysteries Books

Undead by Morning           (2014)           

Broken Hearted Ghoul       (2014)           

Dead Girl Blues        (2015)           

Retired Witches Mysteries Books

Spell Booked            (2014)           

Looking for Mr. Good Witch        (2015)           

Putting on the Witch         (2016)           

Canterville Book Shop Mystery Books

A Dickens of a Murder       (2015)           

Christmas Tree Valley Mystery Books

Murder Fir Christmas         (2015)           

Jacks Jackson Mystery Books

Those Who Walk In Darkness      (2016)           

Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mysteries Books

Death on Eat Street            (2014)           

Gator Bowl   (2015)           

Fry Another Day      (2015)           

Fat Tuesday Fricassee        (2015)           

Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mysteries Books

Gator Bowl is a prequel story to the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mysteries series.

Pumpkin Patch Mysteries Books

Give Em Pumpkin To Talk About (2015)           

Purple Door Detective Agency Books

Be My Banshee       (2015)           

Standalone Novels

Flowers in the Night           (1999)           

If Not for You           (1999)           

A Time for Love       (1999)           

Only You        (1999)           

Save Your Heart for Me     (2000)           

The Dowager Duchess       (2002)           

Madison’s Miracles            (2004)           

Visions of Love         (2013)           

Love’s Treasured Secrets  (2013)           

Emilie’s Christmas Love     (2013)           

Non-Fiction Books

The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel          (2004)                                                                                                           

List of books by J.J. Cook

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author J.J. Cook.

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