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J. Daniels, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best J. Daniels quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find J. Daniels’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer J. Daniels made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About J. Daniels

J. Daniels is the bestselling author of Alabama Summer, Dirty Deeds, and Sweet Addiction.

She is best known for her sexy, small-town romances, including her debut, Sweet Addiction, which became an international bestseller. She has since published ten novels, including the Dirty Deeds series with Forever Romance.

The Daniels family lives in Maryland with their two children where she grew up. After graduating from college, she began writing romance and quickly discovered a passion for it. Even though she still wears scrubs sometimes, she now spends most of her time writing-a career for which she is eternally grateful.

Born: Baltimore, Maryland, The United States
Twitter: JDanielsbooks
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult

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More from the Author: https://amzn.to/3P6S7Fv


Popular Quotes

“This was always my home. Wherever he was.”
― J. Daniels, Where I Belong

 “Love should be unpredictable. I want it to hit me and like, knock me on my ass. And I don’t want it to take me years to realize that’s what I was feeling. I think two to three months is plenty of time, if not sooner.”
― J. Daniels, When I Fall

“He always says it like that when I say it first. It’s never I love you, too. Never. It’s as if he’s stating it as a fact, not giving me an automated response to my declaration.”
― J. Daniels, Sweet Possession

 “It’s possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren’t aware of their every move, and to want them more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life.”
― J. Daniels, All I Want

 “But when I look at you, it’s all I can think about. Marriage. Kids. Everything. I want it all with you. And I don’t want to wait.”
― J. Daniels, Sweet Possession

 “I can’t imagine loving her any more than I do right now. But I know I will. Because every second I’m with her, I fall harder.”
― J. Daniels, Where I Belong

“This shit was never casual for me. Never. You’ve owned me since that fucking wedding.”
― J. Daniels, Sweet Addiction

 “I’m not doing anything else to this beautiful body unless you beg me to do it.”
― J. Daniels, Where I Belong

“All of the love I have in me has been yours and it always will be.”
― J. Daniels, Sweet Addiction

“This is where I belong. Wherever you are. Always.”
― J. Daniels, Where I Belong

10 Famous Quotes by Author J. Daniels

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One Final Bonus – J. Daniels Quote 

“I know what being around you does to me.” I grab her hand and place it against my chest, my other hand reclaiming its spot on her hip. Her eyes dart from my face to where her hand is and I see her eyes react to the effect she has on me. “Do you feel that? That’s what you do to me. Every fucking time I’m near you.” I can hear her heavy breathing while her eyes stay glued to her hand. I don’t say anything else. I just let her feel it. You own this part of me. Take it.”
― J. Daniels, Where I Belong

More from the Author: https://amzn.to/3P6S7Fv

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