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List of Books J.D. Hardin with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, J.D. Hardin. Find my selection in date order of J.D. Hardin books.

J.D. Hardin List of Books to Read

Doc and Raider Books

Blood, Sweat and Gold      (1979)           

Good, the Bad and the Deadly    (1979)           

Slick and the Dead  (1979)           

The Spirit and the Flesh     (1980)           

Bullets, Buzzards and Boxes of Pine       (1980)           

Bloody Sands           (1980)           

The Man Who Bit Snakes  (1980)           

Raider’s Revenge    (1981)           

Hard Chains, Soft Women            (1981)           

Raider’s Gold           (1981)           

Silver Tombstones  (1981)           

Coldhearted Lady    (1981)           

Death Lode   (1981)           

Snake River Rescue (1982)           

Lone Star Massacre            (1982)           

Bobbies, Baubles and Blood         (1982)           

Gunfire at Spanish Rock    (1982)           

Sons and Sinners     (1982)           

Death Flotilla           (1982)           

Bounty Hunter         (1983)           

Face Down in a Coffin        (1983)           

Raiders Hell  (1983)           

Bibles, Bullets and Brides  (1983)           

Hellfire Hideaway    (1983)           

Apache Gold (1983)           

Saskatchewan Rising          (1983)           

Hangman’s Noose   (1983)           

Bloody Time in Blacktower           (1983)           

The Man With No Face     (1983)           

The Firebrands        (1983)           

Carnival of Death    (1984)           

The Wyoming Special        (1984)           

Lead Lined Coffins  (1984)           

San Juan Shootout (1984)           

The Pecos Dollars    (1984)           

Vengeance Valley    (1984)           

Downriver to Hell    (1983)           

Queens over Deuces          (1984)           

Satan’s Bargain       (1984)           

Outlaw Trail  (1984)           

Homesteader’s Revenge   (1984)           

Tombstone in Deadwood  (1984)           

The Ozark Outlaws (1984)           

Colorado Silver Queen       (1985)           

The Buffalo Soldier (1985)           

The Great Jewel Robbery  (1985)           

The Cochise County War   (1985)           

Apache Trail (1985)           

In the Heart of Texas          (1985)           

The Colorado Sting (1985)           

Hell’s Bells     (1985)           

Cattletown War      (1985)           

The Ghost Mine      (1985)           

Maximilian’s Gold   (1985)           

The Tincup Railroad War  (1985)           

Carson City Colt       (1986)           

Guns At Buzzard Bend       (1986)           

The Runaway Rancher       (1986)           

The Longest Manhunt       (1986)           

The Northland Marauders            (1986)           

Blood in the Big Hatchets (1986)           

The Gentleman Brawler    (1986)           

Murder On the Rails           (1986)           

Iron Trail to Death  (1986)           

The Fort Worth Cattle Mystery   (1986)           

The Alamo Treasure           (1986)           

Brewer’s War           (1986)           

The Swindler’s Trail (1987)           

The Black Hill Showdown  (1987)           

Savage Revenge      (1987)           

Train Ride to Hell    (1987)           

Thunder Mountain Massacre      (1987)           

Hell On the Powder River  (1987)           

Raider Books

Raider            (1987)           

Sixgun Circus            (1987)           

The Yuma Roundup            (1987)           

The Guns of El Dorado       (1987)           

Thirst for Vengeance          (1987)           

Death’s Deal (1987)           

Vengeance Ride      (1987)           

The Cheyenne Fraud          (1988)           

The Gulf Pirates       (1988)           

Silver City Ambush  (1988)           

The Northwest Railroad War       (1988)           

The Madman’s Blade         (1988)           

Wolf Creek Feud     (1988)           

Baja Diablo   (1988)           

Stagecoach Ransom           (1988)           

Riverboat Gold        (1988)           

Wilderness Manhunt         (1988)           

Sins of the Gunslinger        (1988)           

Black Hills Trackdown        (1989)           

Gunfighter’s Showdown   (1989)           

Anderson Valley Shootout            (1989)           

Badlands Patrol       (1989)           

The Yellowstone Thieves   (1989)           

The Arkansas Hellrider       (1989)           

Border War  (1989)           

The East Texas Deception (1989)           

Deadly Avengers     (1989)           

Highway of Death   (1989)           

The Pinkerton Killers          (1989)           

Tombstone Territory          (1989)           

Mexican Showdown           (1990)           

The California Kid    (1990)           

Border Law   (1990)           

Hangman’s Law       (1990)           

Fast Death    (1990)           

Desert Death Trap  (1990)           

Wyoming Ambush  (1990)           

Killer’s Moon            (1990)           

Ambush Valley         (1990)           

The Utah Double Cross      (1990)           

End of the Trail        (1990)                                                                                   

List of books by J.D. Hardin

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author J.D. Hardin.

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