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List of books by J.C. Hulsey

List of Books J.C. Hulsey with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, J.C. Hulsey. Find my selection in date order of J.C. Hulsey books.

J.C. Hulsey List of Books to Read

Traveler Western Adventure Books

Angel Falls, Texas    (2017)           

Velvet Sky, Arizona (2017)           

Angry Orchard, Colorado  (2017)           

Clear Stone Wyoming        (2017)           

Itching Tree, Idaho (2017)           

Windy Butte, New Mexico           (2017)           

Devil’s Dance, Dakota Territory   (2017)           


Western Books

The Old Man            (2014)           

J.T. & Me       (2015)           

The Ghost of Flamingo Flats        (2015)           

Trudy (2017)           

Rebecca        (2017)           

Dynamite      (2017)           

Red Rose       (2017)           

Christian Western Books

Redemption Road   (2017)           

Short Stories

The Oldtimer            (2015)           

Got’cha         (2016)           

Welcome to Texas…HELL (2017)           

The Last Ride           (2017)           

The Pistol Preacher (2017)           

Dead Man’s Gun     (2017)           

Gutshot         (2017)           

The Empty Sleeve    (2017)           

Beyond the Barb Wire       (2017)           

Does Nora Know?   (2017)           

Shortland      (2017)           

The Brute      (2017)           

Shadrack       (2017)           

Doke Walker (2017)           

Ugly Mugly   (2018)           

The Old Timer          (2018)           

The Old Man            (2018)           

Melvin           (2018)           

The Greenhorn        (2018)           

The Gunfight            (2018)           

The Concho Kid       (2018)           

The Waterhole        (2018)           

The Hangman          (2018)           

The Decision (2018)           

The Widow   (2018)           

Satan’s Refuge         (2018)           

Children’s Books

Dinner Time  (2016)           

Little Stinky  (2018)                                                                                   

List of books by J.C. Hulsey

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author J.C. Hulsey.

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