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List of books by J.B. Priestley / John Boynton Preistley

List of Books J.B. Priestley / John Boynton Preistley with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles article we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, J.B. Priestley / John Boynton Preistley. Find my selection in date order of J.B. Priestley / John Boynton Preistley books.

J.B. Priestley / John Boynton Preistley List of Books to Read

Rising City Books

The Captives (1920)           

Image Men Books

Out of Town (1968)           

London End  (1968)           

Standalone Novels

Adam in Moonshine           (1927)           

Benighted     (1927)           

Farthing Hall (1929)           

The Good Companions      (1929)           

Angel Pavement      (1930)           

Faraway        (1932)           

I’ll Tell You Everything        (1933)           

Wonder Hero           (1933)           

They Walk in the City         (1936)           

The Doomsday Men           (1938)           

When We Were Married  (1938)           

Let the People Sing (1939)           

Black-Out in Gretley           (1942)           

Daylight on Saturday         (1944)           

Three Men in New Suits    (1945)           

Bright Day     (1946)           

Jenny Villiers (1947)           

Festival at Farbridge          (1951)           

The Magicians         (1954)           

Saturn over the Water      (1961)           

The Shapes of Sleep           (1962)           

Lost Empires (1965)           

Salt is Leaving          (1966)           

Sir Michael and Sir George           (1966)           

It’s an Old Country  (1967)           

Snoggle         (1971)           

The Happy Dream   (1976)           

Found, Lost, Found            (1976)           


The Plays of JB Priestley Vol. 1     (1949)           

The Plays of JB Priestley Vol. 1     (1949)           

The Plays of JB Priestley Vol. 3     (1950)           

The Other Place       (1953)           

The Carfitt Crisis      (1975)           


Time and the Conways      (1937)           

I Have Been Here Before   (1938)           

Johnson over Jordan          (1939)           

The High Toby          (1948)           

An Inspector Calls   (1948)           

Dragon’s Mouth      (1952)           

The 31st of June      (1961)           

Non-Fiction Books

Papers from Lilliput            (1922)           

I For One       (1923)           

Figures in Modern Literature       (1924)           

The English Comic Characters      (1925)           

George Meredith    (1926)           

Talking           (1926)           

Open House (1927)           

English Humour       (1929)           

The Balconinny        (1930)           

English Journey        (1934)           

Essays of Today and Yesterday    (1935)           

Midnight on the Desert     (1937)           

Self-Selected Essays           (1937)           

Rain Upon Godshill (1938)           

Postscripts    (1940)           

Out of the People   (1941)           

Britain Under Fire   (1942)           

Letter to a Returning Serviceman           (1945)           

Theatre Outlook      (1947)           

Delight           (1949)           

Low Notes on a High Level            (1954)           

Journey Down a Rainbow (1955)           

The Art of the Dramatist   (1957)           

Thoughts in the Wilderness         (1957)           

The Wonderful World of the Theatre    (1959)           

Literature and Western Man       (1960)           

Charles Dickens and His World    (1961)           

Margin Released     (1962)           

Man and Time         (1964)           

Thomas Love Peacock        (1966)           

Trumpets over the Sea      (1968)           

The Prince of Pleasure       (1969)           

The Edwardians       (1970)           

The English   (1971)           

Victoria’s Heyday    (1972)           

Over the Long High Wall   (1972)           

A Visit to New Zealand      (1974)           

Outcries and Asides            (1974)           

Particular Pleasures           (1975)           

Instead of the Trees           (1977)                                                                                   

List of books by J.B. Priestley / John Boynton Preistley

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author J.B. Priestley / John Boynton Preistley.

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