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List of books by J.A. Jance

List of Books J.A. Jance with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, J.A. Jance. Find my selection in date order of J.A. Jance books.

J.A. Jance List of Books to Read

J.P. Beaumont Books

Until Proven Guilty (1985)           

Injustice for All        (1986)           

Trial by Fury (1986)           

Taking the Fifth       (1987)           

Improbable Cause   (1987)           

A More Perfect Union        (1988)           

Dismissed With Prejudice (1989)           

Minor in Possession           (1990)           

Payment in Kind      (1991)           

Without Due Process         (1993)           

Failure to Appear    (1994)           

Lying in Wait            (1995)           

Name Withheld       (1997)           

Breach of Duty        (1999)           

Birds of Prey (2002)           

Partner in Crime      (2003)           

Long Time Gone      (2005)           

Justice Denied          (2007)           

Fire and Ice   (2009)           

Betrayal of Trust     (2011)           

Ring in the Dead      (2013)           

Second Watch         (2013)           

Stand Down (2015)           

Dance of the Bones            (2015)           

Still Dead (Novella) (2017)           

Proof of Life (2017)           

Sins of the Fathers  (2019)           

Joanna Brady Books

Desert Heat  (1993)           

Tombstone Courage           (1995)           

Shoot Don’t Shoot  (1996)           

Dead to Right           (1997)           

Skeleton Canyon     (1998)           

Rattlesnake Crossing          (1998)           

Outlaw Mountain   (2000)           

Devil’s Claw  (2001)           

Paradise Lost           (2002)           

Partner in Crime      (2003)           

Exit Wounds (2004)           

Dead Wrong (2006)           

Damage Control      (2008)           

Fire and Ice   (2009)           

Judgment Call          (2012)           

The Old Blue Line    (2014)           

Remains of Innocence       (2014)           

No Honor Among Thieves (2015)           

Random Acts           (2016)           

Downfall        (2016)           

Field of Bones          (2018)           

Ali Reynolds Books

Edge of Evil   (2006)           

Web of Evil   (2007)           

Hand of Evil  (2007)           

Cruel Intent  (2008)           

Trial By Fire  (2009)           

Fatal Error    (2011)           

Left for Dead            (2012)           

Deadly Stakes          (2013)           

Moving Target         (2014)           

A Last Goodbye       (2014)           

Cold Betrayal           (2015)           

No Honor Among Thieves (2015)           

Clawback       (2016)           

Random Acts           (2016)           

Man Overboard       (2017)           

Duel to the Death   (2018)           

The A List      (2019)           

Credible Threat        (2020)           

Walker Family Mysteries Books

Hour of the Hunter (1991)           

Kiss of the Bees       (2001)           

Day of the Dead      (2005)           

Queen of the Night (2010)           

Dance of the Bones            (2015)                                                           

List of books by J.A. Jance

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author J.A. Jance.

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