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Isabel Cooper, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Isabel Cooper quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Isabel Cooper’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Isabel Cooper made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

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“Odd how six people could be a crowd when she lived daily among millions.”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

 “Reggie leaped backward, which might have allowed her a graceful escape—she wasn’t sure whether the shape had seen her yet—except that fear had narrowed her perception and skewed her sense of direction. In short, she ran into a tree. Her head hit the bark with an audible whack and a jolt of dull pain. She bit back a curse, then froze as the creature, alert now, turned to take another look at her.
Hitting one’s head was not a recipe for improved vision. She saw a dark shape, blurred around the edges, with those huge silver eyes. She managed not to shriek when it moved closer. Then she saw a hint of blue in the eyes, and the outlines of the creature became clearer. Reggie saw a long neck—curved horns—wings—
Fairy tales had been long ago for her, but a few images had stuck. She thought dragon, with, possibly, the first sense of relief any human being had ever felt on making that identification.
She whispered the name, partly because she wanted to be discreet but mostly because she didn’t think she had enough air in her lungs to speak louder.
Even as the massive head moved in what she could only assume was a dragonish attempt to nod, Reggie squirmed inwardly, embarrassed to have asked. As though there were many dragons around Whitehill—as though any sinister third cousin of Colin’s would actually bother to correct any mistaken identity.
“What are you doing out here?”
The mouth began to open, disclosing extremely large, extremely sharp teeth. Then Colin stopped and looked down at Reggie. She wasn’t sure what his expression meant—not until he sighed and lowered his head toward her.
Ah. He couldn’t speak English in this form. She couldn’t speak Dragon, if that was even a language.”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

“Pity we’re not doing this three years from now,” said Edmund, “when they’ve redone the whole place.”
Reggie shrugged. “They might keep the stairs. Pater’s traditional.”
“I’d think so,” said Colin from behind her. “Regina Elizabeth?”
“And here I’d been hoping you hadn’t paid attention to that,” said Reggie.
“A vain hope I fear. Though a very impressive one.”
“I think it’s only the threat of treason,” said Edmund, “that kept ’em from going the other way ‘round. Reggie here was the first child. Spoiled, naturally.”
Walking single file as they were, it was a trivially easy matter for Reggie to lean forward and flick Edmund in the back of the neck with her thumb. “No such thing, Edmund St. John.”
“Ouch,” he said, though Reggie knew it was mostly for show.
Colin laughed. “I should have known. Though you’re not much like the oldest of my family.”
“Well, you’re not much like Edmund. You dress too well, for one thing.”
“I have better things to think about,” said Edmund.
At the same time, Colin said, “I’d been hoping you’d notice,” and Reggie felt his breath on the back of her neck with each word. She almost stumbled.”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

 “Every village has to have its rumors, you know. Having me around might be doing them quite the service.”
He wanted to ask. He wanted, more than that, to put a hand over hers or an arm around her shoulders, but surrounded by people, and with her looking so spiky, he decided on discretion.
“For a time, perhaps,” he said lightly, “until the baker’s son gets himself called out for pistols at dawn.”
“People don’t duel these days,” said Reggie, and then she tilted her head to study Colin’s face, her own expression softened now by amusement and surprise. “And you know that.”
“It’s possible that I do.” Colin rearranged his hand, watching Reggie over the edge of the cards. “Laws change so quickly, you know. And I’ve never really bothered.”
“With dueling? I’m surprised.”
“Do you really think I’m the sort to go around calling men out?”
“No.” She dimpled. “I think you’re the sort to get a challenge every day or two, if people let you into polite company.”
“Hardly,” said Colin. “One only got called out, you understand, if one got caught. Credit me with some grace, at least.”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

 “Mater, why don’t you and Miss Heselton take the main attics? Edmund and Colin and I are truly hardy souls.”
“Well—” Mater said, frowning slightly as she weighed chills and dust against her husband’s plans for Edmund, then the aforementioned plans against the likely volleys back and forth between Reggie and Miss Heselton.
“Wouldn’t want either of you ladies to catch a chill,” Edmund said heartily, with a smile Reggie absolutely knew Miss Heselton was going to take the wrong way. “House is full of invalids as things stand, you know.”
“It’s so very sweet of you to be concerned,” said Miss Heselton. “But aren’t you worried about Miss Talbot-Jones’s health too? She seems very sturdy, I’m sure . . .”
Edmund, in the way of men in general and himself in particular, noticed none of what “sturdy” meant in this context. “Oh, Reggie’s a fine strapping girl,” he said, and as Reggie considered proving as much by kicking him in the shin, he went on, “but we’ll send her in your direction if she starts to have the vapors. Good hunting!”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

 “What exactly are we looking for, by the way?”
“A body in a trunk would be ideal,” said Reggie. “Or bloodstains.”
“Long knives with serpents carved into the hilt,” Colin volunteered. “Evil symbols scratched in the wall.”
Reggie laughed and then shrugged as she tried to come up with a serious answer. “Anything with a name on it that we don’t recognize, I suppose. Or pictures or maps. I hadn’t really thought about it.”
“Shocking,” said Edmund, rolling his eyes.
Stepping past time, Reggie toed him in the side with one booted foot. “A little less sarcasm there, if you please.”
“Watch out, Reggie—if I fall over, this whole place could come down.”
“Quite likely,” said Colin, looking up at the rafters. He raised a hand and tapped one of his long fingers against the wood. “Nobody breathe too hard, hmm?”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

“In the traitor lands, there were sacrifices every new moon, and you were lucky if the lord slit your throat before he gave you to his master. Even in the caves, leaders had cracked. Joan listened to the three girls discuss “character” very seriously and tried not to laugh or roll her eyes. You idiots, she thought. Does it matter where your prince put his hands? There’s no blood on them. Except that they did care because they could. Because they’d never known anyone worse. Tyrants were hazy figures from history. If this was a land, maybe a time, in the summer of its life, these were women in the summer of theirs. Their voices held no desperation, no need to hurry, no real fear. Earnestness, yes, and lots of it, but they gave a damn because they chose to, not because they had to. Even”
― Isabel Cooper, No Proper Lady

 “All the same, I hope you didn’t have to go to very much trouble.”
“I gave him a tenner this morning. And I’m sure he thinks I have—” She bit her lip. Beneath violet-striped cotton, her breasts rose with a quick inhalation. “Some kind of secret.”
She still didn’t look at him.
“A lover out there, maybe?” Colin said, dropping his voice and coming closer to the truth than she’d managed. Reggie sat very still, except to swallow, and he watched the motion of her neck. There was color creeping up from the edge of her bodice, and he didn’t think it was all embarrassment.”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

“And if the ground’s done anything to offend you, do say the word and I’ll call it out like a gentleman. It’s a rather vast foe to take on alone, though you seem to be making a good start,” he added, waving his hand toward where her boots were clicking on the cobblestones.”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

“I should have seduced you at the ball,” she said. “Kilts are probably much more convenient.”
“Oh, aye,” said Colin, and his smile was full of light. “But you’ll get another chance or ten, I promise.”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

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One Final Bonus – Isabel Cooper Quote 

“Colin and Edmund were here. How embarrassing.
“She’s alive. Conscious too,” Edmund said in the bluff pretend-nothing’s-really-wrong tone she’d only heard him take about horses and hounds before.
Colin said something rough. He said it in a foreign tongue—not French or German—and it had a number of syllables, but Reggie knew an oath when she heard one.
“. . . gonna hope,” she managed, though her tongue was as swollen as her brain from the feel of it, “you’re not mad ’m alive.”
“For the love of God, woman,” said Colin, “don’t talk.”
Close up—and he was close up now—his voice didn’t sound normal. His accent was very thick now. More to the point, his voice had dropped at least an octave, and it sounded almost sibilant. Reggie heard more swishing grass and felt a shadow fall over her, then a hand on her arm. It was Colin’s, she thought, but even hotter than he normally was.
“…’s wrong w’ you?” she asked. She didn’t want to open her eyes to find out, because of the light needles.
“A damned fine question” he said. “Do not move. Do what I say this time.”
As Reggie wasn’t inclined to move anyhow, she held still while an equally warm set of fingers travelled gently but urgently over her head, at first avoiding the sticky place on one side and then probing lightly around its edges. No amount of gentleness could have made that not hurt, and she couldn’t manage to control herself. She cried out and batted at Colin’s arm. “Stoppit. Go ’way.”
“Damned if I will.” He caught her fingers in his free hand. “There’s a bloody great lump here,” he said, not to her, “but nothing feels broken. But she’s bleeding. Quite a bit, and would you for the love of God go get a doctor? Make yourself useful, man!”
“I—” Edmund started to retort angrily, and Reggie wondered if she’d have to get up and deal with the two of them, because she’d quite cheerfully kill both if so. Moving hurt. Thinking hurt. Edmund and Colin shouting hurt. Luckily for everyone, she heard Edmund take a long breath. “I’ll go down to the village and get Dr. Brant if you take Reggie back to the house. We can’t bring him out here, and I don’t want to leave you both waiting—not when she might come back.”
She? Reggie was puzzled for a moment, then remembered: Janet Morgan. Ghost, witch, and generally unpleasant person. Quite possibly the reason she was lying on the ground with spikes in her brain.
“Stupid cow,” she said.
“Stupid? I’d love it if she were,” said Edmund.”
― Isabel Cooper, The Highland Dragon’s Lady

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