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List of books by Isaac Bashevis Singer

List of Books Isaac Bashevis Singer with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Isaac Bashevis Singer. Find my selection in date order of Isaac Bashevis Singer books.

Isaac Bashevis Singer List of Books to Read

Manor Books

The Manor    (1967)           

The Estate     (1969)           

Standalone Novels

The Family Moskat (1950)           

Satan in Goray         (1955)           

The Magician of Lublin      (1960)           

The Slave       (1962)           

The Fearsome Inn   (1967)           

Mazel and Shlimazel          (1970)           

Elijah The Slave        (1970)           

Joseph and Koza      (1971)           

The Topsy-Turvy Emperor of China         (1972)           

The Wicked city       (1972)           

Enemies, a Love Story        (1972)           

The Hasidim (1973)           

Fools of Chelm         (1975)           

A Young Man in Search of Love   (1978)           

Shosha           (1978)           

Yentl The Yeshiva Boy        (1983)           

The Penitent (1983)           

Why Noah Chose the Dove           (1984)           

The King of the Fields         (1988)           

Scum  (1991)           

The Certificate         (1992)           

Shadows of the Hudson    (1998)           



Gimpel the Fool       (1957)           

The Spinoza of Market Street      (1961)           

A Day of Pleasure    (1963)           

Short Friday (1963)           

Zlateh the Goat       (1966)           

The Seance   (1968)           

A Friend of Kafka     (1969)           

When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw            (1969)           

A Crown of Feathers          (1973)           

Passions        (1975)           

Naftalki and the Storyteller and His Horse, Sus           (1976)           

Old Love        (1979)           

More Stories from My Father’s Court    (1980)           

The Power of Light (1980)           

Reaches of Heaven (1981)           

The Collected Stories         (1982)           

Stories for Children (1984)           

The Image     (1985)           

The Death of Methuselah (1988)           

The Last Demon      (2011)           

Non-Fiction Books

In My Father’s Court          (1966)           

Lost In America       (1981)           

Love and Exile          (1984)           

Conversations With Isaac Bashevis Singer        (1985)           

My Love Affair with Miami Beach           (1989)                       

List of books by Isaac Bashevis Singer

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Isaac Bashevis Singer.

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