Is Seesaw Protocol the new digital gold? After Ripple and Polygon?

Bitcoin is now selling at around $41,841.50 whereas Polygon is down at around $1.43. XRP’s price is $0.74. The crypto market is showing how few coins can be extremely volatile and suddenly precipitate shattering profits and capital of investors.

It is impressive to see that Seesaw Protocol witnessed a significant rise of 3200 % at its presale. It is at the top of such a golden era. It is almost ready to replace the most popular crypto, Bitcoin, and others as the new digital gold. Check out the selection from differences between  performance of these cryptos.

Seesaw Protocol

  • Few initial investors experienced a huge increase in their crypto assets’ value.
  • This coin can now be accessed for both short-term and long-term trade after it got listed on the decentralized exchange.
  • Since its launch Seesaw Protocol rose by another 100 %.
  • So its value has doubled.
  • Thus for a few investors, it will be enough to sell it.
  • But you will find various reasons for believing it to be one that will HOLD.
  • With it, investors will be capable of connecting to the chain of BNB and bridging between Polygon and Ethereum networks.
  • Thus it will let you conduct transactions on some of the most efficient crypto blockchains.
  • The entire crypto market is down. But the launch of the Seesaw Protocol is bringing some delight to the industry of crypto.
  • According to analysts the launch has created a demand surge and Seesaw Protocol’s token value.
  • It is believed that this protocol is the best crypto to invest in now.
  • Its presale was a successful one.
  • People crowded towards the fast increase in its price during that time.
  • It is not possible for its price to decrease during the presale.
  • So it is natural that the price reduction after presale is over.
  • Now is a great time of buying this token and starting to climb in price as new features are released. It may be increasing Seesaw Protocol’s value.
  • Few top cryptos such as Ethereum and Seesaw Protocol generated huge amounts in returns to many investors.
  • Some may think it is late to begin crypto investing considering the total individuals who earned millions from this digital currency.
  • There is an increase in the number of people accepting crypto.
  • Governments worldwide are still having debates regarding the rules and regulations surrounding it.
  • However, analysts say that crypto will be here for a long period.
  • Presales demonstrate few profits that will be made during some projects’ longevity.
  • Also with a great growth of +70 % within one month and an expected 35 % return on the first investments in April, there are many opportunities for returning huge and great profits with this latest protocol.
  • Begin now, invest in this new crypto-gold and start making profits soon.

Polygon (MATIC)

  • A huge network problem caused the recent great fall in Polygon’s price.
  • Ethereum blockchain also got impacted due to the downfall of the Polygon network.
  • It began as one network for huge scalability.
  • Then it joined those ecosystems that wished to provide various services in the market of crypto.
  • After gaining much attention within a short time, it is now finding it challenging to manage.
  • Polygon has lost more than 5 % in only one month of trading.
  • Initially Polygon was created for overthrowing the blockchain of Ethereum for fees of transaction and speed.
  • The native token of the protocol, MATIC, first appeared upon the Binance Launchpad.
  • It is now the Polygon ecosystem’s main driving force as a whole.
  • It is down to -0.70 % within 24 hours.


  • The situation of Ripple keeps on exacerbating with the continuous market uncertainty.
  • Ripple’s network value is under the volume control of 2022.
  • It implies that it has been impacted by the pressures of selling.
  • It is in a continuous battle with cryptos’ macro situation.
  • All depends on the government’s favorability as it will be impacting the price.
  • Any bull market will be perfect for Ripple to propel to new price highs after some volatile months.
  • Its buyers are trying their best to push its price to almost $0.90.
  • Yet experts feel it will be gained from this.
  • Ripple may be seeing and passing the mark of $1 if everything goes very well.
  • But in its seven days of trading, Ripple’s value is down -8.36 %.


If you have lost on the returns of any crypto last year, you will never wish to lose out on the prospective profits of Seesaw Protocol. This DeFi project has every ingredient to become one of the most attractive investments one can make in 2022.

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