Is (ASX_ RNT) Probably a Good Investment Or Not?

Everything You Need to Know About (ASX_ RNT) is the biggest online rental market in Australia. It was established in 2007 and today has got over 1 million rent resumes, with the number of renters growing rapidly. Before we look into,au it must be understood that the growth in the online renting market is a global phenomenon, which has been triggered by the fintech and digitalisation of the services sector.

The pandemic has brought about a transformation in the real estate market. The virus has forced many businesses to go online and this has been one critical factor that has contributed to the rapid growth in the business of

Is (ASX_ RNT) Probably a Good Investment Or Not? allows renters in Australia to look for rental properties from the comfort of their home, without wasting a lot of time. has thousands of rental properties across Australia. It is not just for people who are looking for rental properties but also for homeowners looking to find a safe and hassle free way to rent out their properties to earn some extra income. Home owners can place ads on in a quick and convenient manner.

In addition to serving as a marketplace to connect homeowners with their tenants, has also diversified into exclusive products such as

  • Rent Resume
  • Rent Bond
  • Rent Connect
  • Rent Check
  • Rent Pay
  • Rent Reports

These added tools to help agents, landlords and tenants in their search, simplifying the whole process for everyone. also has an app that the users can use for on the go access.

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Is (ASX_ RNT) Probably a Good Investment Or Not?

Rent Resume is a service offered by where tenants can create their rent resume. It is like a resume with relevant details of the tenant. Such as the number of family members, pets and any other detail that the landlords ought to know before renting out their property.

The rent resume streamlines the process of finding a rental property, renters can create automatic alerts so that they can be notified whenever there is a property that matches their search criteria.

Rent connect is a service offered by that takes care of the lighting, heating and other utilities that are required by the tenants in the rented properties. By using Rent connect, tenants can have all of these utilities ready and sorted before they move into the rented property, thus making the whole process of moving smooth and easy.

Rent check is a service provided by that works very much like a credit check. Using rent check the renters can verify their ID and check if their rental history has any breach that may be damaging their reputation.

Rent bond is a financing option that helps renters get access to up to AUD 10,000 for 21 days. Renters who get approved can get access to a rental bond for their advance rent and then they can pay it back to in 21 days, like a regular short term loan. The application process is completely online, like any online lender. It takes a few minutes to complete thus giving renters access to cash in a convenient manner. The repayments are matched with the pay cycle, to make repayments easier. If you get declined, you may seek for other quick bond loan providers.

Rent Pay is a feature that allows renters to make rental payments through the app. The renters get reminders and the ability to pay through credit cards, on time. Each payment gets added to their resume and history and thus impacts the rent resume of the renter. Rent Pay is currently undergoing some changes, after announced partnership with SkyCredit to introduce new fintech based features to make rent payments more convenient and secure.

In addition to this also has a feature where previous landlords can recommend the tenants to new landlords, thereby helping the new landlord establish the credibility of their new tenants.

Also See: Best Personal Finance Apps for Australians for Landlords is also an excellent site for landlords and property owners who do not want to get involved in the hassle of finding the right tenant for their property. Property owners simply have to list their property for free because listing is 100% free. However charges a fee if the property owners want to get a tenant quickly through their professional or premium packs.

Is (ASX_ RNT) Probably a Good Investment Or Not?

RentCheck allows property owners to conveniently check the credentials of potential tenants.

RentReports allows property owners to access the latest data to help them compare the rent, property prices, occupancy rates and other essential trends in the market. For Agents is also a great portal for property managers and agents to streamline their business and achieve greater efficiency with detailed market reports and data trends of the real estate sector. Property agents can scale their businesses up and increase their reach by using the services of

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Financials has seen a sharp increase in its business in the past year, due to the pandemic. The overall financial position of the company looks stable. The company is still running a net loss but the spike in business last year allowed the business to reduce the amount of loss by a significant amount.

Is (ASX_ RNT) Probably a Good Investment Or Not?

The sales revenue for has gone sharply up since 2020, which is the factor that is driving the reduction in net loss figure. The liquidity of is also stable however the liquidity levels are low, thus indicating that any serious economic shock may make things difficult for the business. The net cash flow position for the last quarter of 2020 was positive and there are signs of recovery.

The stock price of saw a sudden spike in the first quarter, registering an increase in share value by over 600%. This spike was caused mainly by two factors. Firstly the agreement with SkyCredit shows that the business is committed to improving its services by focusing on innovative technology.

Secondly, Bevan Slattery, the famous Australian tech entrepreneur invested AUD 2.75 million into the shares of This invested created a positive trend because when other investors see smart investors staking such big amounts in a company, it fuels a buying spree because everyone assumes that the company is worth investing in to.

The spike in share price seems to be over now and the share price is now returning to a steady level, it however remains to be seen where the share price settles. Will it settle on the pre spike levels or at a higher level?

It is likely that the share price will settle at a level slightly higher than the pre spike levels. has got promising products and it is in an industry that is currently going through a transformation, which means that if the company continues to play its cards well, it can create ripples in the Australian real estate market, which is already going through a boom phase.


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