Is Apple Working on a Bigger iPhone 8 2017?

A Bigger iPhone 8 for 2017? Will Apple join the Club?

Were you excited about iPhone 6 and iPhone 7? Wait till you get to have a glimpse of the iPhone 8 that Apple has planned for 2017. According to information leaked from the multi-billion firm, Apple has scheduled for a complete redesign of the current iPhone 7 to mark its 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

The new device is to have an all-glass body with edge-to-edge OLED display that has Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Even though it is about a year before Apple releases its ambitious plans to the market, rumors are already out regarding the iPhone 8 impressive features.

This article takes you through what you need to know as at the moment regarding the expected iphone 8 2017.

Note that Apple may name it iphone 8, iPhone 7s or pick any other name befitting the 10th anniversary celebration.


If the rumors are anything to go by, the iPhone 8 2017 will be a much larger device compared to the current iphone 7. The estimated size is 5.8 inches, an upgrade from the 5.5 inches. But the size of the display is not the only thing changing. Apple will bring onboard the flexible OLED display, unlike the currently used LCD. The effect of this is that the company will be able to make a thinner device that uses less power and gives out a real picture of the colors.

In addition to the display is changed, it is rumored that the edges may also be curved unlike what we currently have. However, Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst does not believe that Apple will drastically change the edges and curvature. He says that the ambitious smartphone will retain the 2.5D curved display.

But his arguments only serve to support the notion of a 5.8 inch screen phone. If Apple was to introduce a large screen edge-to-edge OLED, then the display area would be approximately 5.1 inches.

The current iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s and SE use an aluminium body but the iPhone 8 2017 may come with a glass body. This will be an adoption of the iPhone 4 body.

Digging dipper into the iphone, the new gadget is rumored to come with a 10-nanometer A11 chip which will not only be faster but also more efficient. What’s more, expect a facial recognition scanner.

During the earlier stages, many mobile phone manufacturers did not see the need for giving their smartphones a higher resolution. Most of them considered it to be a waste of time since most high-end games would be played on smart TVs. But with the VR technology being integrated with mobile phones, the need for high resolution has become apparent.

According to these rumors, Apple’s iPhone 8 that will have the OLED display will be marked as premium. The screen is also not yet determined whether it will be curved or not. But what’s clear is that only one higher-end model will come with the OLED display.

Apple’s Naming Pattern

Apple seems to have set a given pattern to name its new products in the market. The 2007 first smartphone was named iPhone and subsequent years have been seeing a numeric increase in this pattern. Whenever the firm made an internal update only, the current device was increased to an “S” to mark this. Some perfect examples for that are the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6s. Note that all these “S-series” were launched in an odd year (2011, 2013 and 2013 respectively). All the other numeric increases were released in an even year.

The name iPhone 8 has been selected by most experts but Apple is yet to confirm whether this is what they will go with. However, it appears as the most logical update but chances are the company may also choose to use an entirely different name. The year 2017 may also mark the time the firm chooses to shift from the use of the numbered scheme.

The 2017 iPhone is currently being developed in Israel and rumor has it that the employees are referring to it as “iPhone 8” but that is yet to be settled on as the official name.

Revolution of Wireless Charging

For a long time now, Apple has been trying to develop a long-range wireless charging technology. With this technology almost ready to be rolled out to the market, rumor has it that it may first be implemented in the 2017 iPhones onwards. That basically implies that the Iphone 8 may as well support this.

If this became a success, it will be a big leap for Apple considering that the current wireless charging technology allows only for the device to be close to the charging mat.

But that is not an easy technology to implement. Apple will have to find ways of overcoming the loss of power during transmission from the transmitter to the receiver. In most times, the batteries that far away end up charging at a slower rate.

Judging by Apple’s recent hiring pattern, the firm has mainly employed individuals well versed with the wireless charging technology. The implication is that the company seeks to make it a possibility by 2017. Also, rumor has it that Apple is in search of a wireless charging chips supplier.

Superior Processor

As pointed out above, the A11 10-nanometer processor will most likely be used. This is expected to be much faster and more efficient compared to all its predecessors. In addition to that, it will be able to conserve more energy and thus ensuring the battery life is increased.

An Upgrade of The Current Camera

The iphone 7 Plus model came with dual-lens camera. This is an advancement that has helped Apple overcome the obstacle of zooming. Earlier, zooming was a big problem as it resulted in blurred images. These now appear clearer than ever.

Basing on this success, Ming-Chi Kuo holds the opinion that Apple will still retain the same in iphone 8 but improve on it further. He adds to his prediction that the future device will come with optical image stabilization.

So When Should You Expect it Out?

Just like Apple has always done in the past years since 2007, the new iPhone 8 2017 may be launched during the next fall. With that in mind, the suppliers are already setting themselves ready to produce the components. For instance, plans for both the OLED displays and the glass casings production are already underway in Foxconn.

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