iPhone 15: Sneak Peek on Details

With all the delays and stock shortages of the iPhone 14 series, Apple is gearing up to bring the iPhone 15 to the public. Apple product fanatics are all waiting to get this launch out to see what this upcoming device can bring to their user experience. With the iPhone series, there are always high expectations when it comes to its specs, especially considering its price on the market. Apple has started testing iPhone 15 production in China and plans to do the same in India.

What are the possible specs?

It’s always an upgrade, of course!

According to sources, the hardware and design will still be similar to the previous iPhone releases. Possibly four devices will make up the iPhone 15 series, similar to the iPhone 14 series. Apple will still continue to release the iPhone 15 Plus even though it had a hard time selling in the market for the 14 series. As for hardware upgrades, it is likely that there will be variations in the CPU. Possibly, the Apple A16 will be housed in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus while the Apple A17 processor will be featured in the Pro. Commonly, there are upgrades in the OS being installed in the iPhone series which add on to its upgraded features.

The vanilla and plus models could get 48MP cameras. In line with improvement in the battery life of the device, iPhone 15 Pro Max may become iPhone 15 Ultra with a more reliable span of usage. Durability and long-term use are two traits a user is looking for an iPhone to provide.

What is the possible cost?

Since it is still in the testing and production phases, we do not have the exact price for the upcoming iPhone 15 series nor a projection. However, according to leaks, it will be much more expensive than the iPhone 14 series which follow Apple’s common fashion on prices. Despite the underwhelming sales on iPhone 14 variants, Apple still intends to price up iPhone 15 for the Apple fans. Let’s wait for the official announcement of its release to check on the prices.


Final Thoughts

It’s just the start of 2023. If you are an Apple fan and you are really hooked with the iPhone series, better save money for it! As we drawn nearer to the official launch date, more news about its official specifications will come out to equip you with more information of the advantages and disadvantages of switching to the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

You may want to check out the existing iPhone 14 to help you decide!

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