International Youth Day 2022 Theme

International Youth Day 

The International Youth Day is celebrated every year on 12 August. The United Nations has declared International Youth Day (IYD) as a day of awareness. The goal of International Youth Day is to bring attention to a specific set of cultural and legal concerns that affect young people. On 12 August 2000, Authorities commemorated the inaugural International Youth Day. On 12 August, International Youth Day, the focus is on certain young people’s challenges worldwide. 

Theme: “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation For Human And Planetary Health “.

between the ages of six and thirteen lack essential reading and math abilities, and childhood poverty remains a global issue. The United Nations established International Youth Day to raise awareness about these concerns while we work to find solutions. It’s a day for meditation, but it’s also a day for action, so join in. There will be several concerts, seminars, and cultural activities, so check out what’s going on in your neighbourhood.


International Youth Day is intended to provide a platform for governments and others to call attention to youth concerns worldwide. Concerts, workshops, cultural activities, and discussions involving national and local government leaders and youth organizations are held worldwide during International Youth Day. With Resolution 54/120 in 1999, the United Nations designated IYD.

Do you know? The 2014 International Youth Day theme was “Youth and Mental Health.” Youth and Civic Engagement was the theme for 2015. “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production” was the 2016 International Youth Day topic. IYD’s theme for 2017 is “Youth Building Peace.” “Safe Spaces for Youth” was the subject of IYD 2018. In this manner, the recognition of the efforts of young people to avert conflict, promote inclusiveness, social justice, and maintain peace will continue. IYD’s theme for 2019 was “Transforming Education” to make education inclusive and accessible to all youth. 

Significant occurrences frequently punctuate the day. YOU THINK sponsored an International Youth Conference in 2013, with numerous notable speakers and an awards ceremony. The Indian Youth Cafe in Chennai has held more recent events. “Transforming education” was the topic for 2019. It’s a program that celebrates the characteristics of young people while also acknowledging the issues that today’s youngsters confront. In addition, the United Nations established International Youth Day in 2000 to commemorate young people’s contributions to education, community development, environmental groups, and volunteering for other social causes.


International Youth Day provides a forum for young people’s voices. It involves children and attempts to take initiatives and measures that will expand their prospects. Depending on their area, the world’s young confront distinct obstacles and impediments to prosperity. For example, young people in developed and developing nations are more likely to encounter mental and social barriers. Still, young people in developing countries experience severe problems stemming from a lack of more fundamental necessities such as education, health, and jobs.

These concerns and difficulties are frequently debated on a municipal, institutional, and governmental level. On International Youth Day, seminars, training sessions, debates, discussion forums with notable personalities as critical speakers, fundraisers, and the distribution of educational material to enlighten and create awareness are held. Policy reforms can be more easily implemented if we have a more profound knowledge of the issues obstructing juvenile development.

Education is a valuable gift we can provide to children. Investigate mentoring programs to see what you can teach the next generation. There are big brother and extensive sister activities, music programs, and speech therapy assistance, among other things. Participate in a round-table debate between adults and teenagers. It may happen between parents and children and between students and teachers. Come up with discussion topics centered on the year’s theme and pay attention to what the younger generation says.

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Fun Fact

Who started the International Youth Day?

The United Nations General Assembly Started to International Youth Day in 1999.

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