International Migrants Day 2022 Theme and How to Celebrate

International Migrants Day

International Migrants Day is celebrated every year on 18 December. The International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families was ratified by the General Assembly on 18 December 1990. International Migrants Day is a United Nations-affiliated agency’s opportunity to recognize the contributions of the 272 million migrants, including more than 41 million internally displaced individuals, and the problems they encounter each year on 18 December. More than 500 country offices and sub-offices of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and international and local civil society organizations sponsor this worldwide event, which tackles various topics, including social cohesion, dignity, exploitation, etc. and solidarity.

We, the United States, are known as the crucibles of the world and National Immigration Day, on October 28 each year, gives us a reason to think about how unique this distinction is among the 195 sovereign states of the world.


There are several forces at work to keep people moving across the world. First, as a human being, you need to feel safe and secure. Leaving one’s comfort zone is not an easy choice, especially when the path ahead is fraught with peril and can even be fatal. Although the day was proclaimed official in 2000, the observation of this day dates back to 1997, when various Asian migrant organizations designated 18 December as a day to lobby for the respect, rights, and protection of migrants.

Do you know? On 4 December 2000, the UN General Assembly established 18 December as International Migrants Day to respond to the growing global migrant population. In addition, it ratified the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families on the same day a decade earlier.

To ensure the well-being of those fleeing persecution, the United Nations General Assembly approved the New York Declaration for Refugees & Migrants on 19 September 2016, during the first-ever summit dedicated to large-scale migration and refugee movements. As a result of this proclamation, member states have reaffirmed their commitment to improving the global migration system for those who are on the move.

How To Celebrate

To honour those who have made the journey to our country, we may celebrate to mark International Migrants Day. Providing food and supplies to those in need is another way to honour the contributions migrants have made to our country and help them get through the difficult times they’ve had to endure. Migrants and refugees, even in modern times, have a tough time adjusting to new environments. Learn about the issues they confront and what the United Nations and other influential organizations are doing to address them.

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Immigrants’ tales are both heartbreaking and inspiring. Donations for the worldwide refugee issue are always welcome by humanitarian groups. Every little bit helps people in need, even if it’s just a dollar or two. At all costs, we must ensure that all people’s human dignity and rights are protected at all times. To guarantee that no migrant is left behind, humanitarian activities are critical.

The migration crisis might affect any part of the world in the future. You can only welcome migrants and refugees if the correct processes are in place. Every day is a good day to show a little humanity. Observances like these, which are promoted by the mainstream media and other groups, bring attention to important topics and problems on a broader scale.

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Fun Fact

How Many children have migrated in the last 10 years?

Over 34 Million children have migrated in the last 10 years.

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