International Happiness Day 2023 Theme

International Happiness Day

The International Happiness Day is celebrated on 20th March. On 28th June 2012, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the day. The International Day of Happiness strives to raise awareness of the importance of happiness in people’s lives worldwide. UN launched potential 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 to improve people’s lives. Its primary development objectives are to eliminate poverty, decrease inequality, and safeguard the environment. The UN invites people of all ages to participate in the International Day of Happiness celebrations.

The International Day of Happiness celebrates the importance of happiness and is the day the world recognizes that happiness is a fundamental human goal.


Before the International Day of Happiness was formed, Jayme Illien co-founded “Happytalism” with Luis Gallardo, President of the World Happiness Foundation. From 2006 to 2012, Illien led a program at the United Nations to promote the priority of pleasure, well-being, and democracy. At the United Nations General Assembly in 2011, Jayme Illien introduced the notion of an International Day of Happiness. In addition, he wished for the United Nations General Assembly to promote happiness economics worldwide by enhancing all nations’ economic progress.

Happiness Toward A Holistic Approach To Growth was the potential initiative of then-Prime Minister Jigme Thinley of Bhutan. Do you know? The UN General Assembly approved its potential intimate on 19th July 2011. Bhutan has notably pursued the goal of “Gross National Happiness” since the 1970s. It was first honored in 2013 after the International Day of Happiness was created in 2012. The United Nations has taken a step ahead with World Happiness Day, building on Jayme Illien’s notion to educate people about the importance of happiness in people’s lives and the necessity to include satisfaction in public policy.


Share what makes you happy on the International Day of Happiness. Taking the time to recognize and appreciate all we have to be grateful for, even the small things, may make us feel happier and more fulfilled. Consider making this a regular practice by keeping a thankfulness diary. Also, spend time with loved ones and attempt to mend any connections going through a hard patch since good quality relationships are crucial to our happiness. Another easy way to enhance your quality of life is to get more sleep, so why not give yourself a break and wake up feeling refreshed?

Organizations like Action for Happiness have many materials that might help you start on your path to better happiness. Monthly action calendars and an app are two examples of these, both of which provide daily reminders on incorporating more positivity and mindfulness into your life.

There are also a variety of self-help articles and books available that outline numerous secrets to happiness — discover what’s available at your local bookshop. Finally, try a step-by-step program in which you regularly meet with like-minded individuals to encourage each other to take action and live happier lives. You might also give to or volunteer for a charity that promotes suitable activities of your choice.

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What is the International Happiness Day 2022 theme?

The International Happiness Day 2022 theme is “Keep Calm, Stay Wise & Be Kind.”

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