International Day of the Girl Child 2022 Theme

International Day of the Girl Child

The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated on 11th October every year. Do You Know? The UN-designated “International Day of the Girl Child” is known as “Day of the Girl”. The inaugural day of the girl child was celebrated on 11th October 2012. This observation highlights the gender imbalance in girls’ lives throughout the world, encouraging additional opportunities for females. For example, women & girls are less likely to have access to legal protection against discrimination, violence against women, and the forced marriage of minors. Observance of the holiday also underscores the growing prominence of young women and girls in international development policy, programming, advocacy, and research.

Theme: Empowered girls grow up to be empowered women.

11th October is designated as the International Day of the Girl Child. A day set aside to celebrate the achievements of girls across the world. Adolescent girls are just as important as their adult counterparts. Therefore, International Women’s Day, which is commemorated on 8th March, encourages greater possibilities for them. This potential day also serves to remind the need to eradicate all forms of violence and discrimination against girls, including child marriages and other forms of domestic servitude.

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In 1995, at the potential World Conference on Women in Beijing, the Beijing Declaration was issued, which stated that women’s and girls’ rights were to be protected. For the first time in history, there was a template for tackling the difficulties faced by teenage females worldwide. “Because I am a Girl” campaign was the inspiration for creating the International Day of the Girl Child. In impoverished nations, the movement aims to promote girls’ rights and lift them out of poverty. During the campaign, a concept for an International Day of the Girl Child was hatched and then put into action by advocates who petitioned the Canadian federal government to build a coalition of supporters. The United Nations got engaged in the end.

As a result, Canada made a formal request to have it passed as a UN resolution. As a result, on 19th December 2011, the UN passed a resolution recognising 11th October 2012 as International Day of the Girl Child, which was primarily focused on the issue of child marriages. As crucial as boys are to economic prosperity, it perfectly reflects the genuine empowerment of the female child. To stop prejudice and violence, it emphasises that girls’ meaningful participation in choices that impact their lives is the key to young women’s empowerment.

How To Celebrate

A different topic has been chosen for the first commemoration each year since then, and this is the third year that it has done so. Participate in the # BrighterFutureForGirls hashtag campaign by learning about the year’s theme. Why should we only treat the women in our lives on their birthdays and other special occasions? An act of empowerment is two ways to show how much you care for your teenage daughter, sister, niece, or any other young girl.

To help the day’s cause, please share tales about the struggles and triumphs of girls and the contributions they have made that go unnoticed. The gal might be somebody you’ve met or perhaps yourself. You may remain anonymous if you choose. As we celebrate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even Women’s Day, speaking up for girls’ rights worldwide is a brave step forward amid all the hoopla.

On this particular day, we honour the women who brighten our lives. Gender-based oppression and discrimination are all too widespread in underdeveloped nations, thanks to deeply ingrained cultural norms and harmful mindsets passed down through the centuries. The Day aims to end the plight of little girls across the world.

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Fun Fact

What is the most prominent Disease among girls?

HIV is the most prominent disease among girls. Over 340,000 Girls test HIV positive every year.

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