International Day Of Friendship 2022 Theme

International Day Of Friendship 

The International Day Of Friendship is celebrated every year on July 30th. The United Nations General Assembly declared February 14th “International Day of Friendship” (U.N.). Since a global community, we take a moment on July 30th to be grateful for these ties, as they foster peace, happiness, and harmony. U.N.-supported programs and events should be coordinated by governments, community groups, and other organizations to honor our strong relationships. Reconciliation is a common theme at these gatherings, as is building bridges of understanding and accord and finding solace in the connections that seem like family.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. They may be someone we met as a child, a classmate at school, someone we met at work or through other friends. They may be friends who live at a distance in another country or virtual friends we’ve made online. Whoever they are, however we met them, there is a special connection based on a shared history and interests, enjoying doing things together or simply talking and understanding each other. Friends are there to help us at difficult times and to celebrate the good times. Doctors say that friends are very important for both our physical and mental health at all stages in life.


The world we live in is a rough one. Valuing peace is becoming less common in the global community because of miscommunications and mistreatments, lack of trust, discrimination, and cultural differences. The potential gratitude goes to the United Nations for serving as a constant reminder that it is good in the universe. In January 2011, we had an annual celebration for the International Day of Friendship, which aims to establish bridges across national borders, cultures, and even ideologies.

It is not enough to have a shared trait, personality, or favorite hobby with another individual or group; it is essential to promote a worldwide commitment and knowledge of diversity and inclusion. You and I can find common ground despite our disagreements. Differences in physical appearance, political ideas, cultural preferences, and musical interests, among other things, should not be used to divide individuals. Each year in July, the United Nations organizes a campaign to highlight the need to build strong bonds.

It is possible to identify commonalities amongst friends by doing simple things like writing a quick message, meeting for a cup of coffee, going to a performance, or just going shopping. In other words, we share a lot more in common than we think we do. And any suggestion that reduces the amount of anger and disgust transmitted across the world is what we want to hear about. We’d like to believe that there is something that unites us all. Do you know? The World Friendship Crusade, an international civic group, proposed the inaugural World Friendship Day in 1958, long before the United Nations announced its designation.


We honor the friends who are always there for us, even when we’re obstinate, who put their own needs ahead of everyone else’s. Friends who come to our rescue in the middle of the night when we’re down. Even the long-distance relationships that have endured despite the distance. Have you intended to visit a community center in your area but haven’t had the time? As a bonus, you’ll be able to check out any upcoming events, meet new people, and learn about various cultures and lifestyles within a few blocks of your front door.

Everyone’s definition of friendship is unique. The strength of a friendship can also fluctuate. People we’ve known for a long time may not be close to us, yet someone we’ve just known for a short time may be considered our greatest friend. Because of this, festivals and customs are unique to each individual. To mark the occasion, we may go as simple as hanging out with friends and doing our ‘thing,’ or we can go all out by throwing a party, giving gifts, and telling our loved ones how much they mean to us. Reconnecting with long-lost friends is another frequent International Day of Friendship celebration practice.

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What was the international Friendship day 2021 theme?

The Theme Of International Friendship Day 2021 Was “Sharing The Human Spirit Through Friendship”

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