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International Forest Day

International Forest Day is on 21st March every year. In November 2012, the united nations general assembly declared 21st March as the international day for the forest. The potential aim of this day is to celebrate the existence of forests and spread awareness regarding sustainable management. It also involves conservation and sustainable development for the upcoming generations.

2022 will be the year of Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption. New Delhi: Every year on March 21, the world marks the International Day of Forests in order to raise awareness about the crucial role forests play in sustaining life on earth.

Every year over 13 million hectares of forest are lost, an area equal to the size of England. These forests embrace 80% terrestrial biodiversity to grow plant and animal species. Forest plays a vital role in climate change: deforestation results in 12% of world carbon emission. It is almost equal to the total carbon emission for the transport sector every year. Forest cover 30% of the world’s land and contain 60,000 tree species. Forest provides food, fibre, water and medicine for 1.6 billion poor people, including tribal and cultural groups.


The annual theme is chosen by the collaborative partnership on the forest each year. The 2021 theme is “Forest restoration: a path to recovery & well-being”. 2021 theme aims to stress how restoration and proper management of forests can help address climate change. The theme can also help to produce goods & services for sustainable development. Correspondingly it can also help foster an economic activity that can create multiple jobs and improve the quality of life. These themes aim to fit in the UN decade on Ecosystem Declaration (2021-2030). This UN decade demands protection and replenishment of the ecosystems worldwide.

According to the UN official website, on the 21st March, countries encourage the population to take part in public tree plantation campaigns. It also involves educating the people regarding sustainable management, the meaning of a good forest and other essential actions.

The day is celebrated by the united nations forum on forest and Food & agriculture organization. Forset is indeed an essential part of our daily lives. 80% of biodiversity is within foreset and potentially acts like carbon sinks. Forest trape carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases eventually clean the air and give oxygen. Hence it’s important to celebrate the existence of forests and generate awareness regarding the importance of forests.

Now you may wonder what a good forest is? A good forest is a forest with high-quality biodiversity of life and ecosystem. These good forests are the most effective and high capacity carbon storage forests. In ancient times UK & Europe was covered with good high-quality forest.

However, as civilization evolved, mistreatment and dis-management of forests resulted in the degradation of the forest. We must re-introduce good forests to our country and worldwide. It is the only way to tackle the challenges of climate change. Dis-managed Tree plantation in large monoculture plantation is not worth it. Acknowledge what an excellent first is to become a vital part of the ecology and sustainable development.

United Nations

The 1st forest day was one of the critical events at the UNFCC conference in Bali, Indonesia, on 8th December 2007? More than 800 people participated in forest day, including scientists, national delegations and governmental organizations. Due to the positive response on the 1st forest day successively, forest day 2 was celebrated in Poland on 8th December 2008. This day brought 900 participants to discuss challenges in getting the forest global and national strategies for climate change adaptation.

Successive the forest day 3 was celebrated in Denmark on 13th December 2009. It included 34 donors, 88 journalists, 500 NGO representatives, 188 private sector representatives and forestry experts. Furthermore, forest days 4,5 and 6 were celebrated in Mexico, South Africa and Qatar in the years 2010,2011,2012, respectively. Thus due to positive outcomes in all the 6 forest day United nations, the general assembly proclaimed the 21st March as the internal day for the forest in 2012.

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Fun Fact:

Where was the first international forest day celebrated?

The first international forest day was in Bali, Indonesia, on 8th December 2007. Over 800 people participated in the first international forest day.

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