International Day OF Families 2022 Theme

International Day OF Families

The International Day of Families is celebrated on 15th May every year. Do you know? The United Nations declared the Day in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237, reflecting the significance of families to the world community. The Day is recognized to raise awareness of family-related issues and better understand the economic and social factors that influence families.

Every year, after carefully researching education, poverty, and work/family balance, a different family-focused theme is chosen. This year’s theme is:

Traditional and non-traditional families are the bedrock of society. Our formative years are spent with our family, and because they are most likely the most significant individuals in our life, they should be honoured. So let’s spend some time today thinking about how we can defend the family unit in society, beginning with our own!


The early people formed a family unit. Families today may not look the same as they did thousands of years ago, but families are highly crucial as in ancient times. In 1994, the United Nations declared 15th May to be the International Day of Families, recognizing the importance of families via a day of commemoration. Numerous studies have demonstrated that a family’s foundation significantly influences a child’s achievement. The more stable a child’s parental environment is, the more likely they will be mentally and physically healthy.

You can find obstacles to family stability in communities all around the world. The United Nations began to acknowledge this in the 1980s when the Secretary-General fostered public and decision-maker awareness. As a result, the United Nations created this day of observation. They chose a different family-focused subject each year to address global concerns such as education, poverty, health, and work/family balance, to mention a few. This Day acknowledges some of the social, economic, and demographic concerns affecting families worldwide on World Family Day this year. Discover how you can start by strengthening your own.


We will have stronger schools and communities if we have stronger families. Each member of a solid family unit can feel more fulfilled and better about themselves and the world. The day serves as an example of how the human family may come together to make the world a better place. The International Day of Families emphasizes that every family is unique and that family may be defined in various ways. Some small families do have children, while others do not.

Some families have only one parent, while others have more than one. The International Day of Families is about honouring all of the people you care about, not just those you share DNA with. The International Day of Families is a moment to celebrate, but it’s also a time to reflect on some of the issues families issues throughout the world. Poverty, a lack of health care, unemployment, and child-raising are among many families’ difficulties. Today, we work to raise awareness and understanding of some of these issues.

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Fun Fact

When was International Family Day celebrated?

The first International Family Day was celebrated in 1994.


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