International Children’s Book Day Theme Around the World 2022

International Children Book Day

The International Children Book Day is celebrated on 1st March. Internation Board sponsors the Internation Children Book Day on Book for young people (IBBY) every year. The day was established in 1967 and is celebrated around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday. Writing competitions, book prize announcements, and events with children’s book writers are among the activities. As a child read, they gain empathy and imaginationallowing them to explore the world beyond their own horizons and engage with the outside world in ways they had never experienced beforeThey can also improve their morale as well, as reading is very enjoyable! Empathy and imagination is the theme this year. 

Each year, a new IBBY National Section has the chance to serve as the ICBD’s worldwide sponsor. It chooses a topic and commissions a message to the world’s children from a notable author from the host nation and a poster from a well-known illustrator. These resources are used in various ways to encourage reading and books. For example, many IBBY Sections use the media to promote ICBD and host programs in schools and public libraries. In addition, ICBD is frequently associated with celebrations of children’s books and other special activities, such as meetings with writers and illustrators, writing competitions, and book award announcements.

Importance & History

We all have childhood favourites, books that set the tone for our imaginations and bring back memories of home when we recall them, as well as a sense of comfort when we run our fingertips over the well-worn and loved covers of the stories we grew up with. Do you know? Internation Board established the international Children’s Book Day on Book for young people (IBBY) in 1967. IBBY works relentlessly to promote Children’s Books and Authors and arrange events in schools and libraries worldwide to encourage children to read.

Children’s Book Day was established for people worldwide to appreciate an excellent book! In addition, it’s a day to encourage others to read and draw attention to children’s literature. This day was formed by the International Board On Books For Young People, often known as IBBY, as you’ll see in the following section. Every year, a different section of the IBBY has the opportunity to be the international sponsor of Children’s Book Day.

The day’s sponsor gets to pick the topic, and a well-known author from the host country is invited to write a message for children worldwide. In addition, authorities will also choose a famous illustrator to create a poster for the event used to promote and publicize it. Thus we recommend you visit the IBBY website in the days leading up to the event. You will be able to discover all of the information you want about the host nation and any special events in conjunction with this year’s Children’s Book Day.

To commemorate Children’s Book Day, you don’t have to be affiliated with the IBBY. Libraries and schools are also invited to take part! If you have children of your own, simply reading a book with them is a beautiful way to participate in this day. After all, we must not overlook the significance of Children’s Book Day. There is a slew of advantages to reading in general. It involves encouraging creativity and sensitivity. Reading exposes children’s minds to new possibilities. It encourages students to think beyond the box and interact with the outside world in ways they haven’t done before.

Reading will also assist your youngster in expanding their vocabulary. A child’s vocabulary will grow as they read more frequently. Reading is also an excellent way to train your brain. It stimulates and exercises the brain, allowing it to form stronger neural connections. Finally, we must not overlook the psychological benefit to your youngster. When your child successfully reads something, and you praise them for it, it will give them the confidence to keep developing.

How to celebrate

As a youngster, what was your favourite book? Children’s Book Day urges you to get it out and re-read it, maybe aloud to your kids or grandkids. Think about all the times you’ve heard these stories and what they mean to you as you go down memory lane. Was it a grandmother’s soothing voice telling you stories of the Berenstain Bears’ fantastic adventure? Or maybe Peter Rabbit’s antics in Mr McGregor’s garden made you grin and chuckle as they regaled you with tales of his mischief, the sneeze in the flowerpot, and the scattering of his new jacket’s magnificent buttons.

Children’s Book Day allows you to pull it out and relive it once again, and once you’ve done reading it, perhaps it’ll be time to pass on this tiny microcosm of a world to someone fresh. During this Christmas season, schools and libraries accept book and time contributions, allowing them to pass on beloved treasures to new generations of readers. So on Children’s Book Day, share your passion for reading with a youngster and help cultivate the future generation’s imagination.

The ultimate goal of Children’s Book Day is to instil a love of reading in your children! There are a variety of approaches you may take. You and your partner can go to the library together. Alternatively, you might order a book ahead of time online. You have to do a fast web search to discover that ideas are often divided into age groups. For example, Cressida Cowell’s That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown is appropriate for children aged six to eight.

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Fun Fact:

What is the Theme for Internation Children Book Day 2022?

The theme for Internation Children Book Day 2022 is “IP & Youth Innovation For Better Future”.

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