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9.4 million international visitors came to Australia in 2019, many of them taking home a small token to remind them of their visit. However, those who wish to bring a piece of the country home with them might find it difficult with just a souvenir or two, and anyone looking to renovate their homes may consider incorporating an Aussie-inspired vibe that can leave their home feeling open, fresh, and ever-reminiscent of their time in Australia.

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A Modern Aussie Colour Palette 

For anyone looking to redesign their home on their own, doing so starts with the right colour palette, and luckily, getting a coastal Australian-inspired look can easily be obtained in several simple ways. The use of light primary base colours such as grey, white and light tan will help set the stage for an open, fresh and breezy looking space reminiscent of the coastline. This can be done through the addition of white flowing curtains, for instance. Also essential is including splashes of colour throughout the space — vibrant ocean blues, for example, can be subtly incorporated in décors such as clay vases or simple, ocean scenery paintings. 

Plant life is yet another key element sure to bring Australia into any home around the world, whether you go all out with the idea by introducing multiple tropical-looking houseplants (such as ferns, ficuses, or brightly coloured flowers) throughout a space, or you simply have a small house cactus or two on display. In any case, any form of houseplant can certainly add a pop of pigment that will contrast well against base colours like white, and can do wonders to create a modern and instant “by-the-beach” ambience when put against splashes of ocean blues.

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Adding Character to a Modern Style

When looking to incorporate the outback into your interior design plans, adding character and making things more personal can add a unique twist that is sure to create a look you’ll truly fall in love with. Thankfully, a personalised look can be achieved even when using professional design services — in fact, interior designer Jennifer Fisher notes that blending a client’s style and passions along with the high-end design is essential to creating the ultimate result. One picture-perfect way to achieve a truly personalised and Aussie-inspired look is to display your travel photos from Australia — in anything but the standard frame. Instead, unique ways to display photos may include a custom coffee table book compilation, a photo collage/mosaic, or a pentaptych gallery wall, which could include a large, asymmetric multi-piece photo that ties the space together.

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Bringing a piece of Australia home with you might be attainable through a simple souvenir, but those looking to redesign their home may enjoy an Aussie-inspired look for a home makeover. From achieving a beachy colour palette to incorporating a personal touch through your vacation photos, there are a number of modern ways you can bring the country into your own home.

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