Interesting Small Home Run Business Ideas in 2022

Interesting Small Home Run Business Ideas You Can Do

Interesting Small Home Run Business Ideas. How can we keep ourselves busy at home? Running a business from home can be quite an exciting thing to do. You receive a chance to manage your own business and generate money. Also, spend time with your family and especially if you have children then they learn business management from an early age. In this manner, your children will grow up seeing you take part in work.

This will instil the value of hard work in them. If your small business takes off and turns into a medium or large-sized family run business, then your children will be well-positioned to take over the mantle from you. So let us look at some small home-run business ideas.

1. Buy in Bulk and Sell Online

This is as simple as it sounds. You buy items in bulk and then later sell them online. When you buy in bulk, you will receive a bulk purchase discount. This helps you receive a good margin when you sell these items later on their market price. You can use Amazon to sell these items or any other platform that you prefer.

When buying in bulk, the best form of product fulfilment is dropshipping, whereby you connect suppliers with the sellers directly, without storing any of the inventory. The best dropshipping products are typically found on Alibaba.

You can take this a step further by purchasing exotic items from your foreign trips. If you like to travel a lot, then you purchase items that can ship easily to your country. Then, you sell these items at a premium price in your country. Since these goods will be unique, they are likely to yield a good price.

2. Good at Crafting? Sell Homemade Stuff

They flood the internet these days with a lot of D.I.Y videos, you can find videos on anything online. If you are into D.I.Y and make a lot of homemade items, then you can turn this skill into a trade. You can simply advertise your D.I.Y crafts online and sell them at a premium price. You can do this through Etsy or any other online marketplace that you may prefer.

There is no limit to what you can make, you only limit yourself by your imagination. Some examples of D.I.Y crafts include homemade jewellery, candles, book covers, bookmarks, showpieces, art and apparel, etc.

3. Like to Cook? Why Not Run A Home-Based Catering Service

This one is for those who love to cook and take it as a passion. Why waste your talent when you can turn it into a business idea. If you think your cooking skills are good, then you can set up a home-based catering service.

This idea may be new to you if you are in Europe or America, but in South Asia and the Middle East, many people manage home-based catering businesses. They supply packed boxes to people who pre-order the home-cooked meals.

Who knows, if your business takes off you may end up opening your restaurant. This is not unheard of. Many people have set up restaurant chains from their home-based catering business. If you are passionate about it, then you can do it.

4. Day Care Provider

Are you good with babies? Do you love being around running, screaming toddlers? Well then, you can set up a home-based daycare centre. Check up with your local laws and regulations first because, in many countries like Canada, you will first need to get a license for daycare services.

This can be a very rewarding home-based business not only in terms of money but also in terms of the quality time you will get to spend with children if you are really into it.

5. Book Rental Business

Are you an avid reader? Have you got a lot of books in your library? If yes, then you can start a home-based book rental business. You will need to create a website or an application, or you may distribute pamphlets in your neighbourhood to advertise your business. You can rent out your books for reading at low rates. This will not only create income through your books but will also promote the habit of book reading in your area. If this business takes off, then who knows you may end up opening your bookstore.

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6. Social Media Manager

If you have some experience in managing social media, then you can advertise your services online on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer etc and become a social media manager for people. You can even manage other small businesses on their behalf using the social media platform.

7. Furniture Up-Scaling Business

If you have got the skills to upscale furniture, then you can set up a home-based furniture upscaling business right from your garage. You buy used furniture and then upscale it using your skills and then sell it at a premium price.

8. Event Manager

If you have the skills and experience of managing events, then you can run a home-based event management business. This does not require a lot of resources. For this business, you will need to have the right contacts and the talent to run and manage your affairs.


This is not an exhaustive list of small home-run business ideas, there are a lot of small businesses you can set up and manage from your home. You may find your next business idea in the list above, or if nothing that we have written suits you, now is the time to explore.

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Interesting Small Home Run Business Ideas


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