Do You Have Insomnia? Including These Foods In Your Diet Will Help You Sleep Better

It is estimated that a sizeable portion of the general population struggles with some kind of insomnia. According to experts, there is a connection between the meals we eat and our quality of sleep, and they suggest eating particular foods in order to have a better night’s rest.

Some of the most common pieces of advice for combating insomnia include limiting one’s use of coffee, avoiding overeating, engaging in regular physical activity, and sticking to a set bedtime routine. However, there are situations when adhering to these straightforward instructions does not help us sleep better.

It is critical to our well-being that we get sufficient amounts of rest and quality sleep each day. Something that is out of the grasp of most people.

According to the findings of the study, the incidence of insomnia among people in our nation ranges anywhere from 20 to 48 percent at some time. Some essential data, include at least ten percent of afflicted individuals suffering from chronic conditions.

The number of individuals who report having trouble falling or staying asleep has grown noticeably over the last several years for a number of reasons, including higher levels of anxiety and stress, as well as the accelerated pace of modern life.

Something that has resulted in the launch of a large number of research projects that investigate potential answers to the problem.

The experts agree that there is a strong connection between one’s food and the quality of sleep that one gets. Both directions at once. To put it another way, just as certain meals, like coffee, particularly fatty meats, alcohol, or spicy foods, have the potential to disrupt our sleep, others, like those low in saturated fat and low in spice, may help us get a better night’s rest.

Foods To Combat Insomnia

It is common knowledge that maintaining a healthy diet is critical to maintaining excellent health. According to several studies, the consumption of food supplies our bodies with essential nutrients, which in turn assist our bodies in maintaining their health and warding off various difficulties and aches.

Because of this, there are some meals that, according to the substances that they contain, assist us in combating insomnia and allowing us to have better sleep:


Tryptophan is an amino acid precursor of serotonin, also known as the “happy hormone,” and melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. The banana is rich in carbohydrates and fiber, which makes it a food with the power to satiate, as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Additionally, the banana helps you fall asleep because it contains the minerals potassium and magnesium.


In addition to being an excellent source of fat and protein, some nuts also assist us in dozing off. This is the situation with almonds and walnuts, two foods that are particularly high in melatonin content.

Whole grains:

They provide carbs with a moderate absorption rate, which contributes to sensations of fullness and general well-being. In addition to this, they assist in increasing the quantity of tryptophan that is readily accessible to be transformed into serotonin. Oatmeal and rice are two examples of cereals that naturally contain melatonin in their composition. It is strongly recommended that you go with the option that uses whole grains.


Dates, which are prized for their naturally sweet flavor and which may be processed into a more nutritious alternative to white sugar, can also be useful in the battle against insomnia. They include B vitamins, which have been shown to combat stress and make it easier to relax. Keep in mind that they have a high calorie content, which means that you need to limit how much you eat of them.


Like other red foods, cherries help us sleep better. They contain the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle. In point of fact, this fruit is used to formulate several anti-insomnia medications now available on the market.

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