Inside the Ring: Roberto Durán’s Most Memorable Fights

Roberto Durán, known as “Hands of Stone,” is considered one of the greatest boxers in history. His aggressive style, skillful technique, and incredible durability made him a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Here are some of Roberto Durán’s most memorable fights:

1. Duran vs. Ken Buchanan I (June 26, 1972):

  • Durán won his first world title in the lightweight division by defeating Ken Buchanan. The fight, held in New York’s Madison Square Garden, ended controversially when Durán landed a low blow in the 13th round. Despite the controversy, Durán’s victory marked the beginning of his legendary career.

2. Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard I (June 20, 1980):

  • One of the most iconic bouts in boxing history, this match was for the WBC welterweight title. Durán famously defeated Sugar Ray Leonard in a close and intense fight, handing Leonard his first professional loss. The fight is known for Durán’s effective aggression and relentless pressure.

3. Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard II (November 25, 1980):

  • The rematch between Durán and Leonard is perhaps even more famous than their first encounter. In the “No Mas” fight, Durán quit in the eighth round, uttering the words “no más” (Spanish for “no more”). The circumstances surrounding Durán’s decision remain a subject of debate and speculation.

4. Duran vs. Thomas Hearns (June 15, 1984):

  • Durán moved up to the super middleweight division to face the powerful Thomas Hearns. Despite being the underdog, Durán shocked the boxing world by defeating Hearns in a close, action-packed fight. Durán’s victory marked a historic moment in his career as he became the first boxer to win world titles in four different weight classes.

5. Duran vs. Iran Barkley (February 24, 1989):

  • In a thrilling fight for the WBC middleweight title, the aging Durán faced the tough Iran Barkley. Durán, considered past his prime at this point, displayed incredible heart and determination but ultimately lost a close decision. Despite the loss, Durán’s performance showcased his resilience and competitive spirit.

These fights are just a snapshot of Roberto Durán’s illustrious career, which spanned five decades. Durán’s impact on boxing, particularly in the lightweight division, is enduring, and his legacy as one of the sport’s all-time greats is secure.

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