In An Online Casino, What Is The Role Of a Live Dealer

In an online casino, what is the role of a live dealer?

A live casino combines the best of both worlds, combining the immersive ambience of a land-based casino with the convenience of internet gambling. You’ll also be entertained and delighted by a genuine human croupier who will walk you through the processes while amusing and gratifying you.

But, at a live casino, what precisely does a croupier do and what does his duty entail? Continue reading to learn more about it!

What is a live casino?

Before we get into the function of a live dealer, it’s important to understand what a live casino game is. The live casino is different from other online casino games in that it contains a real-life physical game that is transmitted right to your screen in real-time.

All of the activity, including that of the human dealer and gaming, is caught using high definition (HD) cameras, from the spinning wheel in Roulette to the hands dealt in Blackjack. You’ll never miss a beat since cameras provide a variety of perspectives.

You may also use live chat to communicate with the dealer and other players, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the casino gaming experience.

What are the responsibilities of a live dealer?

The live dealer is there to keep the game moving along, and they are not simply entertainers, but highly qualified dealers. This implies they are completely knowledgeable about the game in question and can answer any queries you may have through the live chat system.

The live dealer is also there to monitor the chat room since it lets you to engage with other players, allowing the dealer to ensure that everyone follows the live chat social guidelines.

The dealer’s job is to look after you and make sure you enjoy the greatest possible gaming experience.

Can live dealers influence the game?

The live casino, like any other game on your selected site, such as Betfair, is fully licenced and controlled, ensuring that the game is absolutely fair.

During the game, the live dealer will never encourage or influence your betting selections in any manner. They also can’t influence the game’s conclusion since the outcomes are chosen by chance and random number generators (RNG).

What does the live dealer have access to?

Don’t worry, when you’re playing the live casino game, the live dealer won’t be able to look inside your home. In reality, they can only view the messages you leave in the live chat window. They appear on a studio monitor, where all player communications are displayed and clearly viewed by the dealer, allowing them to respond and engage in two-way communication with you.

A Game Control Unit (GCU) that contains the encoding process and transmits the stream of life to your device, as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, which monitors the symbols of cards or numbers on the roulette wheel, are used in the gaming and the actions you take to wager.

This implies the dealer has access to all pertinent data and information in order to determine who the game’s winners are and how the outcomes affect players. This enables them to interact with the participants, remark on the game, celebrate victory and manage defeats.

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Fun Fact

Can live dealers hear you?

The dealer can’t actually see you, but they can read your messages and will reply to messages verbally. If another player messages a dealer, you might not see their message but you’ll hear the dealer’s reply. Some games actively encourage communication between the dealer and the players.

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