Immigration – 2017 Make or Break for the EU

Will 2017 be Any Different for Immigrants of the EU?

2017 Make or Break for the EU? Immigration poses a serious challenge to the members of the European Union. In 2016, over 1 million refugees and illegal migrants arrived in the Schengen countries. With the ongoing unrest in Syria and other countries such as Afghanistan, this number is likely increases manifold in the coming years. Britain has already chosen Brexit, and with Theresa May saying “out means out”, the EU will lose one of its main cash cows. Therefore it is highly probable that the European Union will crumble very soon as it has indeed created deep divides between the various European nations.

Increased Integration? – 2017 Make or Break for the EU

Collective action by all the member states is required to save any semblance of integration. The major reason that the union is unable to make any significant impact on the problem is that the member states aren’t functioning together. This is due to each country and peoples have different needs, the EU one shoe fits all approach is doomed to fail. Furthermore due of the lack of these collective efforts, the nations resort to individual actions aimed at protecting their citizens, such as stringent border controls and building fences, each of which leads to greater divide and additional stress.

Schengen – 2017 Make or Break for the EU

European Union, unfortunately, has done little or nothing to sort the issue. The first Schengen countries in which these refugees arrive no longer have the capacity to cope with the massive influx of migrants. Additionally, the Schengen open border policy lets these migrants move to not only Germany but also Sweden, Finland and Benelux countries. The UK’s only saving grace is the English Channel; however, that does not stop hordes massing at the gates following transitioning through many safe countries.  This is despite the face, as an EU policy, the first countries are required to register and process the refugee applications.

Greece and Italy were unable to meet the huge influx of migrants, hence it was decided to relocate many asylum seekers to other member states, setting up of application centres outside the borders. An agreement with Turkey to curb the inflow could be described as a deal with the devil. Whilst seeking help from the UN by promising to provide financial aid, makes the EU appear weak and desperate. Monumental hypocrisy by overpaid, overfunded left-wing lunatics has not in any way significantly impacted genuine refugees, while allowed a huge influx of opportunistic illegal migration.

True Cost of Mass Migration – 2017 Make or Break for the EU

Some might argue that this will bring more benefits than challenges. It is a known fact that birth rate has significantly fallen in the western world and some argue to maintain economic growth, people are required. But the exceedingly high inflow has majorly challenged the capacities of host nations. Therefore, instead of being beneficial in any way, this will pose as one of the biggest challenge faced by Europe.

The EU have created a monster and 2017 may bring its downfall. Should the coming year and the subsequent years bring an even greater number of migrants? Many people have seen the weakness of the EU as an opportunity to jump onto a meal ticket, while the political elite stay in their ivory towers more of the working classes will suffer. Moreover, once the new guests become established communities in the west, this will lead to the migration of even more people.

Hope for UK and USA – 2017 Make or Break for the EU

Hence, it is high time that something constructive is done in this regard which makes an immediate impact towards the resolution of this issue. Otherwise, more people will mean more problems. However there is hope, Trump, Brexit and other global players have contributed to the awakening of the masses, time to democratically hold our elected representatives accountable for our futures and our children’s futures.

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