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List of books by Howard Fast

List of Books Howard Fast with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Howard Fast. Find my selection in date order of Howard Fast books.

Howard Fast List of Books to Read

Lavette Family Books

The Immigrants       (1977)           

Second Generation (1978)           

The Establishment  (1979)           

The Legacy    (1981)           

The Immigrant’s Daughter            (1985)           

An Independent Woman  (1997)           

Masao Masuto Books

Masuto: The Hollywood Murders           (2001)           

Standalone Novels

Two Valleys  (1933)           

Strange Yesterday  (1934)           

Place in the City       (1937)           

Conceived in Liberty           (1939)           

Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty    (1941)           

The Last Frontier     (1941)           

Lord Baden-Powell of the Boy Scouts    (1941)           

The Romance of a People (1941)           

Goethals and the Panama Canal (1942)           

The Tall Hunter        (1942)           

The Unvanquished  (1942)           

Citizen Tom Paine   (1943)           

Freedom Road         (1944)           

The American           (1946)           

The Children (1947)           

Clarkton        (1947)           

My Glorious Brothers        (1948)           

The Proud and the Free     (1950)           

Spartacus      (1951)           

Fallen Angel  (1952)           

Tony and the Wonderful Door     (1952)           

The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti         (1953)           

Silas Timberman      (1954)           

The Story of Lola Gregg     (1956)           

Moses, Prince of Egypt      (1958)           

The Winston Affair (1959)           

April Morning          (1961)           

Power            (1962)           

Agrippa’s Daughter (1964)           

Torquemada (1966)           

The Crossing (1972)           

The Hessian  (1972)           

Max    (1982)           

The Outsider            (1984)           

The Dinner Party     (1987)           

The Pledge    (1988)           

The Confession of Joe Cullen        (1988)           

The Trial of Abigail Goodman       (1993)           

Seven Days in June (1994)           

The Bridge Builder’s Story (1995)           

Redemption (1999)           

Greenwich    (2000)           

Masuto Investigates          (2000)           

Bunker Hill    (2001)           

Hollywood Blacklist            (2002)           

Short Stories/Novellas

Spain and Peace      (2011)           

Short Story Collections

Patrick Henry and the Frigate’s Keel      (1945)           

Departure     (1949)           

The Last Supper      (1955)           

The Howard Fast Reader   (1960)           

The Edge of Tomorrow      (1961)           

The Hunter and the Trap   (1967)           

The General Zapped an Angel      (1970)           

Time and the Riddle           (1973)           

A Touch of Infinity  (1973)           

The Call of Fife and Drum  (1987)           

Standalone Plays

Thirty Pieces of Silver         (2011)           

Non-Fiction Books

The Novelist (1941)           

The Picture Book History of the Jews     (1942)           

The Story of the Jews in the United States       (1942)           

Literature and Reality        (1950)           

Peekskill: USA          (1951)           

The Naked God        (1957)           

The Jews        (1968)           

The Art of Zen Meditation            (1977)           

Being Red     (1990)           

War and Peace        (1992)           

The Incredible Tito  (2011)           

List of books by Howard Fast

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Howard Fast.

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