How To Write A Letter Of Resignation With Template

How To Write A Resignation Letter

Thinking of resigning from your current job and taking the new gig you got? Whether you are quitting your job for good reasons or not, a resignation letter is the best way to let your boss know that you are planning to leave the job. Some people just give a verbal notice about this matter to their boss, but a professional, properly written resignation letter would help make a better impression about you in the current job place (although you are leaving). Don’t be confused about how to write a professional resignation letter, below is the perfect guide to blowing your boss’s mind before you are leaving.

We do not require very long, essay-type letters to make your resignation letter a perfect one. It is always a good practice to be brief yet mention all the required facts “to-the-point” without much explanation. Ideally, a resignation letter with short 2-3 paragraphs would be the best, according to our experience so far. We can divide a resignation letter into the following few parts for a better understanding of the format.

We will be providing you with a template of a proper resignation letter at the end of this guide. You can use that template just by changing the information as necessary (i.e. the reason, date, etc.), but you can use the same format and you will be good at the end!

Keep reading the guide below as it contains some important points which you should not miss when editing the template according to your requirements.

Your Details

There are many formats you can find to write a resignation letter. However, the modern, industrially accepted method of writing for a resignation letter includes your contact info along with the name at the very first place (be updated please!). Your name must be the first because your boss needs to know whose resigning request he is now looking at!

The contact info such as your address, phone number, and email address are crucial to mention following your name.

 Addressing Your Manager/CEO etc.,

Before anything else in this part, you have to write the date of writing the letter (not the date you are leaving your job on). Following the date, it should be the name and the address of your manager. Although you are writing your resignation letter to your boss who is at the same office, it is a good practice to write the address of your office as it completes your letter with a professional look.

You can always use “Dear sir/madam” or “Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. ‘the name of your boss’” to address whom you are writing the resignation letter. 

The Body

The body of your resignation letter should be short and highlight only the necessary facts. You should,

  1. Inform that you are leaving in the company
  2. The position you hold in the company
  3. The reason for resignation
  4. Your last date in the company
  5. Thanking and statement to show gratitude of providing an opportunity to work in the company
  6. Suggestion for training in terms of replacement of your position
  7. Wishes for the company’s future

The Hand-Off

Eventually, the Hand-off mentions your desire to help the process. You don’t have to go into considerable detail (and you certainly don’t guarantee something you can’t deliver), so a few lines that state you’re going to make sure your responsibilities are wrapped up perfectly can prove you’re in the game until the very end.

Also, you should hand-off your resignation letter to your boss before two weeks of your resigning date so they have enough time to arrange the replacement of your position.

Use the below template to write a professional resignation letter if you are finding difficulties in writing your own resignation letter

Some important facts to consider when writing your resignation letter

  1. Keep no alignments when you start each section of the letter. Keeping alignments for addresses and other contents considered as an obsolete method of writing official letters
  2. Do not keep commas when you write the address in the very beginning.
  3. Be sure to check the dates and other information twice before handing-off the letter.

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Fun Fact

Does Word have a resignation template?

Microsoft resignation letter templates are available as a free download for Microsoft Word users. These include a variety of different resignation letters and are accessible from the templates section of Microsoft Word. To access these templates from your computer, open the Microsoft Word file and select “New”.

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