How to Wear Comfortable Shoes: Top Models of 2022

Recently, shoes with low heels or no heels at all have become incredibly popular. No wonder, because we want to be active and do everything. With a busy schedule, doing everyday things is much more convenient in shoes that are comfortable for our feet. You can be surprised but heels shoes are also comfortable to wear. What shoes should you choose for everyday life, how to wear them correctly?


Now sneakers have become almost universal shoes, because with their help you can create absolutely any image: from strict business to romantic. Are you going for a walk? A good combination is ankle-length skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a trendy print. Are you planning a romantic evening? Then choose a midi skirt and top or a printed cocktail dress. Sneakers will be appropriate in any look, with the exception of evening (if you were invited to a reception) and at work, subject to a strict dress code.

Ballet shoes

Another low-top shoe that is comfortable to wear every day is ballet flats. The advantage of this shoe is that it is perfect for the office. If you choose shoes for work, pay attention to ballet flats with a pointed toe (by the way, this season they are at the peak of popularity). An added bonus: these flats will make you look taller and slimmer as they make your legs look longer. A midi skirt combined with a strict blouse will help complete the look.

For every day, it is worth giving preference to classic models with a rounded toe.

Wedge heel

Finally, we have found a worthy alternative to heels – this is a wedge. This is a great option for every day. In such shoes it is convenient to move around the city and around the office – the risk of accidentally catching on something with a heel is minimal, and the load on the foot is much less. A wedge heel is really more suitable for everyday life, it will fit perfectly into a business dress code. Wedge shoes look equally good with both suits and various business dresses. However, these shoes are also combined with jeans.

Low heel shoes

Low heels are the trend of autumn 2022. Moccasins, loafers, shoes – here everyone will find an option to their liking. Among the most popular options are all sorts of interpretations of loafers and moccasins that will look good in the office and are also great for walking around the city. These shoes came to us from men’s fashion, so they look good in a company with men’s clothing. The most obvious choice is a pantsuit with this season’s trendy wide leg trousers. Unlike moccasins, loafers will also fit perfectly into an evening look, especially if they are made of velvet.

For every day, designers offer to choose low-heeled shoes – suede or leather, with or without a strap around the ankle, with a classic square heel or fantasy, decorated with spikes or, for example, in the shape of a ball.

Mary Jane

Mary Janes are shoes that have a flat sole and a rounded toe with a strap at the instep. Most often, these shoes have a steady heel up to seven centimeters high. By the way, the stability of the heel plays a significant role, since the shoes were originally created for dancing, and not for ordinary walking along the streets.

Over time, these shoes lost popularity, they were replaced by stilettos. But in the 60s of the last century, Mary Janes again began to be in demand. It is not surprising, because in those days Twiggy herself advertised these shoes. In the 90s, “Mary Jane” became fashionable again thanks to Courtney Love.


The name of open-heeled shoes comes from the word “mulleus”, which means “thinker” in translation. The first mention of this shoe refers to Ancient Rome. They were worn only by men who had a high position in society and studied philosophy. Women did not wear mules. These shoes were made mostly of leather. But in the XVII-XVIII centuries, fashion changed, these shoes began to be worn by all people, regardless of gender. In the future, shoes began to be in special demand among girls of easy virtue, since they are easy and quick to take off. Thanks to notoriety, mules were no longer worn, but in the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe returned their popularity.


Sneakers are shoes with durable rubber soles. It is well suited for both active everyday life and fitness.

Sneakers first appeared in the 19th century. But in those days, of course, they looked unusual, they even had a different name – “plimzols”. Plimsolls had a rubber sole and a fabric upper. But in 1830, one of the companies produced a shoe model that was very similar to modern sneakers. Over time, it was improved several times, and entered mass production in 1917.

Kitten heel shoes

Kitten heels are shoes that have a thin small heel no higher than 5 cm. These shoes were created in the 50s of the last century and were originally intended for teenage girls who were not allowed to wear a higher heel, as it was considered vulgarity. But in the 60s, such a shoe model began to be in demand both among girls and more mature women. This shoe has become popular thanks to Audrey Hepburn, because it was she who was among the first to demonstrate such shoes on the screen. Then the fashion changed, kitten heels were forced out of the fashion catwalks by stilettos and high-heeled shoes. Nowadays, the shoes have returned to their former glory thanks to the return of retro style and fashion of the 60s and 70s.



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