How to Use a VPN to Bypass Geo-restrictions and Access any Web Service in Australia

If you are in Australia and are tired of seeing ‘ This video is not available in your country,’ every time you log in to Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu?

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It might be time to learn how to use the best streaming VPNs for Australia and bypass geo-restrictions.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network you can log into to virtually change your device’s location in a process commonly referred to as ‘spoofing.’ The private networks are based on physical servers that emulate your device’s location. As a result, if you access any website with your VPN activated, it will ‘think’ you are in the country your server is located.

Apart from spoofing, VPNs are good for your security, especially when logging in to unsecured sites. This is because it hides your IP address and keeps you safe from anyone who might want to track your home address.

How to pick the right VPN

Before we delve into using a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions, we need to know how to find the right VPN. Here are a few things you should consider when you’re shopping for a VPN

Wide support

Ensure that the VPN you intend to work with has many servers in different locations. This is to ensure that your connection will always be secure in case of unforeseen server failures.

Unlimited data and reconnections

Unlimited reconnections will allow you to reconnect to the VPN as many times as you want, while unlimited data will enable you to use as much data as you need through the connection. This will especially come in handy if you need your VPN for streaming. Most VPNs require you to pay a subscription to access these premium features.

Your virtual location of choice

Where do you want your virtual location to be? This is another essential feature to consider when you want to bypass geo-restrictions and access any web service in Australia. If, for instance, you want to watch a Mexican tv show exclusive to Netflix Mexico, you should ensure that the VPN you pick has servers in Mexico. The more virtual locations the VPN offers, the more geo-restricted websites you get to access.

Multiple OS support

If you have more than one device you wish to bypass geo-restrictions with, you should ensure that you pick a VPN that supports multiple platforms. Some VPNs are aimed at PCs, others at Macs and handhelds. However, a few offers multi-platform support, allowing you to use the same subscription for your laptop, iPad, and smartphone.

Ease of canceling the subscription

Another important thing to consider when choosing a VPN is how easy it is to cancel your subscription. Unfortunately, some VPNs make it annoyingly difficult to unsubscribe when you need to. To avoid this, choose a VPN with a fixed subscription duration like 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, etc. instead of one indefinite subscription.

Privacy policy

This is the annoying text that greets you every time you install a new app, forcing you to scroll quickly to the bottom and check the ‘I agree’ checkbox. However, when it comes to VPNs, this text is fundamental.

Take your time and read the privacy policy, looking out for any clauses that may suggest that the VPN provider logs and stores any of your information. In such a case, ditch the VPN and pick a different one that cares about your privacy.

24-hour technical support

A good VPN provider should have an easily accessible call or online support 24/7. This is important not only for when you experience challenges with your connection but also for inquiries.

How to actually bypass geo-restrictions and access any web service in Australia

After choosing a good VPN, we get to the easy part. Contrary to what many believe, by-passing geo-restrictions using a VPN does not require any special skills above basic computer literacy.

You’ll basically have to install and set up the VPN and choose your preferred virtual location (a country with access to the geo-restricted website you wish to access). Then, finally, open your browser or app and access any web service available in your virtual location.

To wrap it up

It’s always disappointing to miss out on content that people in other regions enjoy. Geo-restriction is a retrogressive practice in the modern internet era when the world is ostensibly a global village. However, with the right VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and access your favorite web service.

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