How to Surprise Your Partner on a Date?

Going on a date will go a long way in spicing things up in your relationship. But beyond going on a date, you should sweep your partner off his/her feet with your surprising move(s). Are you facing a hard time thinking of how to surprise your partner on a date? Then keep reading as some tips will be discussed here.

1. Pre-Order the Meal before Your Partner Arrives

For the record, no rule states the date with your partner has to be in a restaurant. It could be anywhere else as long as it promises an amazing time for you both. Having made that clear, a date in a restaurant will always be a good idea as long as you go about it the right way.

So, here is a surprising move you can make if you choose to have the date at a restaurant. You should pre-order the meal that your partner will eat. Just plan well enough to make sure the meals do not go cold before your partner’s arrival. That should not be a problem, especially with technology at your beck and call.

There are various ways this would surprise your partner. First is how he/she does not have to take a look at the menu and place an order. Second is that you know your partner so well that you know the meals they would want to have. These little things matter in a relationship and so you can choose to surprise your partner on a date using this tactic.

2. Deploy Suspense All the Way

The height of surprise would be keeping your partner in a state of suspense all the way. What do we mean? This is by refusing to reveal the venue of the date and the things you have lined up for both your pleasure.

This would keep your partner in a state of exciting suspense till the day arrives. But if you must use this tactic, be surprising enough.

This is by choosing events that your partner would have least expected but that you are sure your partner would find interesting. Depending on your partner’s preference, some options include:

  • Going for a Special Massage Session
  • Watching an Interesting Movie at the Cinema
  • Having a Great Time on a Yacht
  • Watching a Sporting Event

These are just some as the list is endless. But worthy of note is the need to understand your partner’s preferences for this purpose. It would also be interesting if you combined two or more events your partner will love.

You should also crown it all by offering a surprising gift after the whole fanfare. Sex toys such as dildos is something you might want to consider. To get the right one, you can click here.

3. Showing up with Your Partner’s Picture Crested/Printed on Your T-Shirt

How willing are you to surprise your partner the right way? If you are indeed willing, then you should have no problems doing some serious work for this purpose. You should also be willing to commit with your money.

In light of this, one tip for surprising your partner on a date will be showing up with your partner’s picture crested/printed on your t-shirt. You should also add some amazing but short text about your partner on the T-shirt. A word like “you’ll always remain my superman/superwoman” will do.



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