How to Sell Feet Pics for Extra Money?

Many influencers and bloggers are selling feet pics online. As surprising as it sounds, advertising and selling feet pics is an incredibly effortless way to earn a passive income.

Various celebrities also start their private accounts on reliable feet-picture selling platforms to generate money.

Moreover, social media platforms encourage users to buy and sell feet pics. But how do users promote their content, and who buys it? How do people set up a store? Let us learn more about the side hustle of selling feet pics online!

How to Sell Feet Pics Online in 2022?

Let us learn how you can earn more money through professional feet pictures! First, you must surf through the best platforms for selling feet pictures.

Your chosen platform should be not only safe but also reliable, as you must avoid scammers and creeps. Once you decide on a platform, you can create a private account to log in.

Such platforms provide you with an option to set up your profile as a Buyer or a Creator. Choose the creator option to start setting up your account. Next, you have to build your portfolio. 

You must learn to take high-quality pictures and add a watermark to them. Attractive, high-quality pictures can help you drive potential customers to your profile. Next, market the images by using feet-related hashtags.

You can also sell feet pics on Instagram or Facebook and use your social media accounts to promote your content. Some basic editing skills will help you tweak your snaps and add creative, eye-catching backgrounds. These tips make your content unique and help you sell the pictures for a higher price. 

You can join foot fetish content websites or Facebook groups to find a community. Such groups and websites have clients looking for new pictures. When you promote your content, you can charge your audience reasonably and have a future contract. 

Diversify Your Clients

You must remember that the feet-picture selling business requires the same energy and effort as any other online business. Thus, you will have to make some effort to set up your account to attract potential customers. 

The primary step in driving traffic to your profile is marketing. You must use clever strategies to market your feet pictures. Then, you can make your service available to a larger audience with careful insight. 

Some crucial factors that drive potential customers are taking high-quality pictures, investing in a professional camera, thorough editing, reasonable pricing, and marketing. Plus, you must stay consistent, as it is critical for your online feet picture-selling business! 

Clients require new pictures regularly. Thus, constantly uploading content means more consistent clients. And consistent clients pay you consistent cash! 

Generating Extra Money Through Feet Pics

Once you have diversified your client base on a feet-picture selling platform, it’s best to follow some professional tips to make more money. Here are some ways to generate extra money by selling your feet pics. 

  • Only post professional feet snaps
  • Learn to correctly price your pictures
  • Look into your competition
  • Create a website to upload your pictures and link it with your accounts
  • Make an anonymous business email for fans
  • Allow subscribers to make requests for unique content
  • Receive payments before giving out images
  • Maintain anonymity
  • Promote your content on other platforms 
  • Link your social media business accounts 
  • Ask your subscribers for a higher tip when producing customized content 

Platforms for Selling Feet Pics

Various platforms let you create an online account to start selling feet pictures. These platforms have strict privacy policies protecting your information and maintaining anonymity.

Moreover, their payment methods ensure that you don’t get scammed by buyers. Some popular platforms for selling feet pictures include the following.

  • InstaFeet
  • FunWithFeet
  • Onlyfans
  • Loyalfans
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Etsy 
  • Facebook
  • FeetFinder

How Much Do You Earn by Selling Feet Pictures?

Many bloggers and influencers have made a fortune by selling their feet pictures online. But the payout depends on your clients and how you price your pictures. 

Some people have a more extensive client base which pays anywhere between $30 to $100 for unique customized content. However, beginners only make about $5 to $20 per image. Therefore, you must utilize clever marketing strategies to diversify the client base. 

Once you have more subscribers, you can start advertising your professional feet pictures for higher prices to generate more income. But as a beginner, you can price your pictures for as low as $5 per feet picture.

Once you improve your photography skills, you can set up a higher price. The best part about selling pictures online is that the more effort you put in, the more profit you can earn. The payout already starts looking better when you gain followers. 

You can also constantly upload good pictures to attract customers. Besides this, look into your competitors and what tactics they employ to attract a larger fanbase.

Such tricks and tips can help you gain more potential buyers. As a result, you can raise the price for a foot picture. 

Who Sells Feet Pictures?

Many people sell feet pictures to earn money, as this niche does not have specific business criteria. Instead, selling feet pictures exclusively revolves around your comfort zone and willingness to post the content online. 

If you are comfortable with taking pictures of feet, advertising them, and making money from home, this can be your perfect side hustle! Moreover, you only require a camera, some high-quality pictures, picture props, and a stable internet connection to get started!

Who Buys Feet Pics?

There are numerous interested buyers, and they all don’t necessarily have a foot fetish! Instead, many industries look for foot snaps to market their products.

These industries include modeling agencies, stock photo websites, podiatrists, artists, beauticians, Etsy shop owners, etc. These clients pay more for professional feet pictures.

Thus, with proper advertisement and marketing, you can attract potential customers who will pay you a higher price per foot picture! 

Final Thoughts

Earning a passive income through selling feet pictures is a quick and straightforward way to earn from home. But you must maintain anonymity to avoid scammers, hackers, and stalkers!

Only trust reliable platforms such as Onlyfans, Fun With Feet, Insta Feet, Instagram, etc. Moreover, you must never give your personal information to the buyer to stay cautious and avoid getting scammed! 



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