How to Save on Entertainment: 5+ Cheap and Free Ways to Have Fun

Top 5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Friends

Cutting back on entertainment costs doesn’t mean saying goodbye to fun. You can actually still get entertained at the comfort of your home without emptying your bank accounts. Here are cheap and free ways to have fun

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1. Go on a Picnic

How to Save on Entertainment: 5+ Cheap and Free Ways to have Fun
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Picnics are quite affordable. You can still have fun with family or friends by finding nice locations to visit around you and have lunch together. After eating, you can engage in activities or just talk and catch up.  

2. Play an Online Game

Online games are interesting to play just like any other physical games. I recommend playing the Minigolf World Mini Golf Game. It is similar to the golf game and the goal of the player is to control the strength and angle of the shot and push the ball into the hole. It is free to download and play. 

3. Volunteer

Volunteering opens you up to having fun during your service delivery. You can volunteer as an usher, ticket-seller, etc at a local event and get free entry to the event or concert. 

4. Find Cheap Movies

Instead of paying for expensive movie tickets, there is the alternative of watching movies cheaply. One way is by installing applications such as Netflix and Hulu that provide access to lots of movies at cheaper rates than movie theatres. Also, some theatres show second-run films at affordable prices especially during the day. All you have to do is switch your movie schedules. 

5. Host a Dinner

Eating out is expensive. If you and your friends plan on getting together over dinner, the best alternative is to host the dinner at home. You can cut on further expenses by asking your friends to bring side dishes such as appetizers, desserts and wine. 

6. Go to a Library

How to Save on Entertainment: 5+ Cheap and Free Ways to have Fun
Image Source: Pixabay


Libraries offer more than just books to read. You can have so much fun playing games, music, reading magazines and fun books such as romantic novels. If you are not looking for solo experience, you could always invite a friend to tag along. 

Make Your Own Fun – If you have an active imagination and a house filled with supplies, you can entertain yourself without breaking the bank. Go to Pinterest or search online for ideas on how to make fun crafts, games or other activities that your family can enjoy together.

If you are a movie buff, you can look for cheap entertainment in your own home by downloading movies online. There are many websites that offer free movies such as Crackle Movies, Hulu and PopcornFlix. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are also great alternatives since they offer new release movies and TV shows that can save you money if you’re into movie marathons.

You can also check out discount in-store movie rental options like Blockbuster Express.

With the above suggestions, you can still live large while saving. Whether you are facing a money crisis or just want to save up, all the alternatives to entertainment mentioned above will have your social life going at a fair budget or even free. 

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