How to Properly Enjoy the Australian Beaches this Summer

The summer is upon us in Australia. Everyone’s getting excited for the new season, which is about to be one of the best so far. Why? Because the covid restrictions are behind us, the virus will hopefully not return. Everyone’s looking forward to enjoying the beach and the summer properly after a long wait of three years.

You’re surely already making plans if you’re excited about the new summer season. If you’re not making plans yet, it’s time to start. You don’t want to do everything in the nick of time and miss something essential. You want to be fully prepared and wait for the vacation relaxed.

Going to the beach and enjoying an ocean-side vacation means a lot of sun, waves, and music. If you’re about to start creating that list, we’re here to help you with it. In this article, we share a few essential items that will help you properly equip yourself and enjoy an Australian beach vacation. Follow up and see what you need.

1. Get a new swimsuit

What’s going to the beach without dipping in the ocean and enjoying the lovely water? To do that, you need a swimming suit, but the old one is most probably a few years old. Your body has certainly changed over the years too, but even if it hasn’t, the old swimming suit is useless now.

Visit the shops and see what’s trending now. Get yourself at least one new pair, preferably a few different ones. You want to look great at the beach, so opt for the best ones in the stores. Since you’re spending time at the beach, you’ll want some sun tanning too, and you can’t do this without the perfect swimsuit.

2. Visit the surf shops and renew your surfing equipment

For surfing lovers, now is the best time to look for new surfing equipment. You might have everything needed for a flawless experience in the ocean, but why not treat yourself before the season starts and enjoy a new board, new surfing suit, or something else?

The best surf shops now have new models featuring the 2023 surf season. You’ll find items you’ve never seen before, some of which are out of this world. Fins, waxes, and various boards with outstanding designs are available. You just need to enjoy the offer and pick the things you love.

3. Ditch the old sunscreen

The old sunscreen is surely outdated by now. Unless you’ve been buying in the past few months, and chances are you haven’t, you need to get a new one. An old sunscreen will not work as the new one because the features inside are worn off. It simply won’t protect you.

The only thing that the sunscreen needs to do is protect you against the dangerous UV rays coming from the sun. In the summer, the sun is highly dangerous. Get yourself a sunscreen that has a higher protection factor. If you burn under the sun, you’re risking a painful period ahead and cancer, a severe illness you don’t want to mess with.

4. Look for a new sunglasses collection

The fashionable trends are changing, and your old sunglasses are probably not the best fit for the beach right now. Getting a new pair might be the best way to enjoy the beach with comfort and style. Everyone that sees you at the beach with your new sunglasses will be thrilled if you pick the ones that fit your face perfectly.

Without a pair of sunglasses that have great UV protection, you won’t be able to see anything. The sun is so powerful in the summer that it may blind you. The rays reflecting from the ocean’s water and the sand will go directly in your eyes, and if you don’t protect yourself, you’re risking eye injuries. 

5. Find the best beach party places

If you’re up for a party, the beach is the best place to go. Some beach bars have parties 24/7. During the day, you’ll see one DJ, and in the evening, another one rocking their sets. Find the ones that make you the happiest.

For those who are not into parties, a quick search engine activity will show you where to go if you want some peace and comfort. Australia is a continent with an unlimited number of beaches, and there’s something for everyone. You just need to search enough to find what you love.


These few points should be enough for you to create the ultimate list for the upcoming summer season. If you’re confused about what you need and might be missing, this list will remind you about the essentials. Get a new swimsuit, sunscreen, surfing equipment, and summer accessories; then look for the best places to enjoy your beach time.

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