How To Plan a Luxury Holiday in Australia

It’s the holiday season and the right time to pack your bags for a luxurious holiday. However, you must adequately plan the trip to maximize your time and enjoy your holiday. And if your destination is Australia, you’ll be overwhelmed by the places to visit. The itinerary is vast and requires planning your time to the minute to make the most out of it. 

Properly planning your luxury holiday lets you accomplish all your goals stress-free. Here’s a list of the key things to do as you plan your luxury holiday in Australia:

1. Explore Different Modes Of Transport

Australia is a diverse country with varying terrains. Thus, you can explore different modes of transport, depending on where you want to visit. Choosing one mode of transportation can limit your chances of exploring some spectacular sites. So, don’t limit yourself to flights if that’s what you’re used to. 

Catching a train can be a scenic way of exploring Australia’s rich landscape. There are several train companies in Australia with affordable rates. The best thing about Australian train journeys is that they use scenic routes that give you a glimpse of breathtaking sites. What’s more, the trains are luxurious, offering optimum comfort, which is your desire when traveling.

2. Have A Budget

Setting a budget helps you avoid overspending. Create a budget that’s not too tight such that you don’t get to enjoy your stay. First, decide how long you’ll be away from home. You can decide on the maximum amount to spend in a day. Additionally, you can allocate some money for treats and souvenirs at the destination. 

Again, a budget can be instrumental in deciding the sites to visit. Remember, you have to pay some entrance fee to access some sites. A budget helps you plan how to spend your money while on holiday.

3. Have A List Of Places To Visit

There are so many places to visit in Australia. It would be best if you had a list of the sites beforehand. Planning your luxury holiday allows you to scout several websites and have an idea of the unique location you must visit. Go for places that intrigue you and spike your interest.  It ensures you get thrilled and have fun during your stay. 

You can go for a tropical or coastal getaway or tour the Australian outback altogether. For a luxurious outback holiday, you can tour the following places:

  • Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art
  • Alice Springs Desert Park
  • Bungle Bungles
  • Kings Canyon
  • Nullarbor Plain
  • Flinder Ranges
  • Kimberly Region 

Compiling a list of activities is essential when planning your luxurious holiday. If you’re going as a family, you can ask other family members about the places they’d like to tour. Include everyone’s input and have a collection of exciting places.  

4. Plan Your Accommodation

Accommodation is an essential part of travel, and you must plan in advance to enjoy your stay. Take some time and research the best places to stay during your holiday. If you’re going to move from town to town, ensure you book accommodation before you arrive.   

With the country flocking with tourists, you can easily miss a place in a good hotel if you don’t book early. Find the perfect accommodation by visiting hotel websites and getting more information. Also, read customer reviews to get a hint of the services provided.  

On the same note, Australia is known for its abundance of camping sites and caravan spots. If you visit the mountains, it’d be a worthwhile experience to join others and enjoy some camping time. You can also find a cabin and relive a typical traditional Australian life. The bottom line is you should feel comfortable in any accommodation you choose.  

5. Consider The Weather

Another factor that can make or break your holiday experience is the weather. As you plan your holiday, it’d be best to consider the weather. Australian seasons can get severe if you’re not used to their kind of climate. Thus, it’s essential to look at the weather as you plan your holiday, or else you’ll be stuck in your hotel room due to bad weather. 

Weather can influence the sites you’ll visit. For instance, you can’t see the mountains during winter. Thus, areas like Tasmania freeze during winter. On the other hand, regions like the coast aren’t safe to visit when there are cyclones. And you’d want to plan your visit around summer to enjoy the sceneries and not have a limitation on the number of places you can visit.  



Nothing is more exciting than packing your bags for a luxurious holiday. If you want to make the most out of it, it’d be best to plan adequately. You can select the areas you’d like to visit and accommodation in advance. For your sake, attach a cost to every planned activity to ensure it’s within your budget. This way, you can soak in the excitement and enjoy your holiday without financial strain.

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