How To Pay Off Your Debts?

How To Pay Off Your Debts? Do It The Right Way

In today’s financial landscape, the old standby of “work more and spend less” just doesn’t cut it on a list of ways to scrimp and save to get your debts paid off and have a little bit of extra scratch afterwards. If you’re looking for the right way to pay off debts then you are going to have to take a multifaceted approach towards your debt repayment. It doesn’t take an accountant to know the best way to pay off debt, though; just a bit of searching online (to articles just like this one), mild creativity, and dedication to the cause to turn your dreams of paying off your debts a reality.

How To Pay Off Your Debts? – Debt Repayment

How to pay off your debts
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The first thing any financial professional will tell you in regards to your debt repayment is to make a household budget – yes, to literally map one out that you can see and interact with. There is a reason that many folks from the previous generations took the time to sit down and balance their chequebooks by hand – knowing exactly what your assets are at all times is the starting point if you want to take the right way to pay off debts mentality. After all, no amount of saving your pay check is going to be effective when you’re still racking up an insane energy bill! Secondly, if you’re serious about paying off your debts, you need to accept that you will not be able to make any luxury purchases for a while, and that means no new computers, flagship phones, or an upgraded vehicle while taking care of business. That doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself when the deal is just too good, or replace anything that you need when it breaks, but just that you cannot expect to live at the standard you have created for yourself while in the process of debt repayment; your spending habits are mostly what got you there in the first place, after all! (Medical debts notwithstanding.)

How To Pay Off Your Debts? – Get Some Financial Advice

While there are many pieces of advice someone can take regarding paying off their debt the right way that boil down to common sense or resourcefulness (like selling clothes and household goods that you don’t really wear or use anymore), there are a few things that you will most likely be learning from this article; one is that you should be paying the largest debts first, and that you should always be paying more than the minimum amount every month. You might believe that these statements fly in the face of intuition, but they give you the best way to pay off debt. By grabbing the bull by the horns in the face of wanting to accomplish some smaller goals first, you will be putting a message of conviction on your credit score, which will be perceived better in the future by other lenders. By paying more than the minimum amount, you not only reduce the amount of money that you are paying into interest, but also drive the rediscovered accountability home, ensuring yourself from another credit crisis again in the future

How to Make Extra Money to Pay Off Debt?

Stuff to Sell to Pay Off Debt

If you have several large-ticket items, you might consider listing them on Craigslist or another online marketplace. A bidding site like eBay is an excellent choice for selling specialty items. If you have a lot of miscellaneous items, you may want to hold a yard sale or two to raise money. You can sell your clothing at a consignment shop. You can also sell old games, books, and sports equipment at second-hand stores. Once you gather your items, you may be surprised at how much you can pay back quickly. For instance, you might consider selling your car or other expensive items in order to pay off your debt.  

Cut Back Your Budget Even More

If you have cable television or a gym membership, you can reduce your spending even more. You are not required to make these changes permanent if you are serious about getting out of debt. When you are debt-free, you can rejoin the gym after making the necessary changes.

In case you haven’t reduced your television package yet, you might want to do so. In fact, if you have a landline and cell phone bill, you should probably get rid of the landline as well.

Additionally, you should shop around for new auto insurance rates. As soon as you reach 25, you may qualify for much lower rates, but your insurance company may not automatically provide that rate.

Take on a Second Job

Working two jobs for any period of time is not a good idea, but if you have a severe budget shortfall or if you need to get out of debt, then this may be a good short-term solution. If you take on a second job, make sure it’s worth your time. When you have the skills and abilities to work at a higher-paying job, it makes no sense to get a job at your nearest fast food joint. Also, consider working as a freelancer or putting in overtime at your current job. You can also earn much more than minimum wage by working a job that offers tips.

Bonuses, Gifts, and Extra Money

You should use your bonuses and any other extra money you receive to pay off your debt if you are getting out of debt. Extra funds will assist you in getting out of debt faster and will enable you to return to a more relaxed budget much sooner. However, you can still do the same with a windfall or a monetary gift if you don’t get bonuses at work.

Cash Out Investments, But Not Your Retirement

Avoid cashing out your retirement to pay off your debt. Cashing out separate investments may be the best way for you to pay off credit cards and other debts. If you cash out your retirement savings early, you may incur penalties and taxes, as well as hurt your financial future. We recommend you leave it alone. However, if you have stock options through your job or if you inherited stock, you may want to cash it out to become debt-free sooner rather than later.

Seek Help From a Credit Counselor

A credit counselor may be able to help you if all else fails. You can find credit counseling services through nonprofit organizations that have certified counselors who can assist you with consumer credit, money management, and budgeting. They will help you develop a customized plan to pay off your debts.  

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