How to Look After Your Curly Hair in Winter

Curly hair is stunning but needs additional TLC during the colder months. Curly hair can become unruly and dry in the cold, dry air. Read on for advice on maintaining naturally curly hair through the colder months.

Winter weather can dry out your hair and make it more prone to breakage. Braids, weaves, and even merely twisting your hair can serve as effective preventative methods against this. These hairdos help prevent damage to your hair by keeping it from being exposed to the cold.

  • Put On A Head Covering

Protect your curly hair from the cold by wrapping it in a hat or scarf. Avoid woollen fabrics if you have curly hair because of the friction and breakage they might cause. Instead, use a cap or scarf made of silk to keep your hair from drying out and to reduce frizz.

  • Don’t Use Hot Tools On Your Hair

In the colder months, you should avoid using heated-style equipment on your hair to prevent damage. The trick is to use heated styling tools as little as possible, if at all. Try air-drying or utilising the diffuser attachment on your hair drier to achieve a more natural look.

  • Regular Deep Conditioning Is A Must

 It should be a routine regardless of the season, but it is essential now that winter is here. How often you deep condition could be determined by your curl type. Curls that range from loose to wavy can occur around once a month. Deep conditioning should be done every other week for medium curls and every week for tighter, kinkier curls in the 4a-4c range.

  • Keep Up With Your Routine Haircuts

Maintaining a regular trim schedule is especially crucial in the winter. A trim can help keep your curly hair healthy and frizz-free, especially in winter when split ends are more likely to form.

  • Avoid Over-Washing

Hair can become dry and brittle if you wash it too often because the natural oils are washed away. You should avoid washing your hair more frequently than once or twice weekly. 

  • Toss Out That Old Pillowcase

The substance our hair comes into contact with when we sleep is an often-overlooked but crucial part of hair maintenance. By sleeping on silk pillows, you can prevent damage to your curls. Silk pillowcases are extravagant, but they will do wonders for your ringlets. 

The silk fabric makes curls less likely to break or become frizzy. It will prevent you from waking up with a head full of unruly, brittle curls. When you take a step into the winter air, they will not break.


Maintaining healthy, moisturised, and beautiful curly hair in the winter might be a chore, but it is certainly doable with the correct care and attention. You are the saving grace for your curls every winter. 

They will only magically last if you actively work to keep your curls in place. Hair care routines and the best products can be formulated with the help of the various hair care recommendations available online.

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