How To Keep Your Vape Device & Liquid Ideal For Vaping?


Vapers are aware of the long-term financial benefits of purchasing a high-quality vaping device rather than settling with disposable vaporizers and other inexpensive, subpar devices. However, you must follow the right maintenance procedures if you want to get the most out of high-quality vaping equipment.


Maintaining your vape gear is as simple as putting it away safely when not in use. The phrase “vape starter kit refers to the entire thing, including all of its parts, including vape mods & pods, coils, and extras like chargers or batteries.


The very first thing that comes to mind before we continue is:


How should you store your vape kit and eliquid when not in use?


We have some advice on how to store your device as well as some mistakes to avoid.


You must understand how to properly maintain your device if you want to get the most out of it. In this article, we’ll look at ways to keep your vape kits secure.




If e-liquid is not stored correctly, it may not be suitable for vaping. Yes, indeed. It will taste and smell bad if the vegetable oil (VG) or nicotine in the e-liquid is old. The e-liquid starts to taste and smell foul once the nicotine or vegetable glycerin (VG) spoils. This happens a lot with fruity vape liquids. Fortunately, using the right storage methods will slow down the degrading process.


The Ideal Way To Store & Keep Vape Juice Ideal For Vaping


There are three things that you want to keep away from your e-juice in order to extend its shelf life and preserve its flavour for as long as feasible. Avoid these three items at all costs:


Heat, air, and light


Vape juice degrades more quickly than it should when it is exposed to heat, air, or light. This is why it’s important to keep your e-liquid in a room that’s dark and chilly. While a room-temperature cabinet or drawer may do, many vapers prefer to store their e-liquids in a fridge or freezer.


The freezer is the ideal spot to keep your e-juice. By shielding the juice from light and air, you can stop oxidation from occurring. As a result, ingredients like the nicotine inside of it stay fresher longer as a result. It stays cooler for a longer period of time when it is frozen as opposed to just being kept in the refrigerator.


The refrigerator might be the most practical way to store e-liquid that you use frequently because you don’t have to wait for it to warm up before using it, unlike an already opened bottle. However, freezing is the best option for long-term storage.


How to maintain the best condition for your vape devices


Before we begin, Vape items run the potential of unintentionally getting into kids’ hands. It’s crucial to keep edible vape goods, in particular, out of children’s reach. Anyone under the age of 21 is encouraged to use vapes.


We advise storing your vape kits in a secure location, such as a container or another building. It’s crucial to inform young people about the risks associated with unintentional ingestion of vape goods. We want your friends and family to be able to benefit from vaping as well. But they have to act legally.


Now Lets check out few tips to keep your vaping kit optimum for vaping.


Avoid letting your e-liquid too low


When e-liquid is below the level of the atomizer holes in Bottom Dual Coil clearomisers (BDC’s), your atomizer won’t be able to draw in enough e-liquid. A dry burn could result from this. This not only tastes bad, but you also run the danger of ruining your atomizer.


Simply make sure the e-liquid does not run out on CE5s by constantly topping it off.


Clean Up Your Battery Terminal


Clean terminals can improve performance or make it impossible for the terminal to connect to the clearomiser. To keep the terminal clean, just wipe it down with a cotton bud. The clearomiser’s end can be cleaned in the same manner.


This has a lot of potential. Reader Craig Mahers said in a previous post’s comment that he initially believed his battery had died but that, following a thorough cleaning, it was once again functioning properly.


Clean Up Your Atomizer and Clearomiser


Maintaining your clearomiser and atomizer helps increase atomizer life and keep performance high.




  1. Take the clearomizer out of the battery.
  2. If feasible, separate the mouthpiece and atomizer (not all clearomizers can be separated).

iii. Wash with hot water that is not boiling.

  1. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.


Maintaining a Clear Mouthpiece


Your mouthpiece is readily clogged with dust and fluff, which prevents the flow of vapour.


To clear, just take off the mouthpiece and blow through it. You can also rinse the mouthpiece with warm water and/or use a twist of tissue paper to remove any condensed e-liquid.


Don’t completely drain your batteries.


Keeping your batteries charged can help them last longer. Additionally, remember to charge your batteries before packing for a lengthy trip or transit, and stay out of the sun.


Replace the Atomizer and Coil

Consumables include coils. Change the coil in your clearomiser about once a month to keep it performing at its best if it has replaceable coils, like the Aspire Bottom Dual Clearomiser does (especially if you are hearing a gurgling noise or are getting a burnt taste).




According to your needs, there are many vape devices when it comes to purchasing your first vaping equipment. There are even specialised vape starter kit Australia that can meet your demands, whether you simply want to vape as a pastime or you want to stop smoking.


Try pod systems, a soft-tip device that simulates smoking cigarettes, if you wish to smoke nic salt liquids that is ideal for those who have recently begun switching. Then there are vape starter kits that are excellent for folks who desire larger clouds for that delightful vaping experience. Which you can get at vape shop online.


Hope that this article has made it clear to you how important it is to always store your vaping supplies safely when you’re out and about. We hope that highlighting the significance of vape hardware’s safety will encourage you to keep both you and your vape kits secure at all times because we never want any vaper to experience a vaping accident.



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