How to Keep Your Home Bug-Free Year-Round

You want to feel secure, comfortable, safe, and happy at home. Your home should be your castle, perhaps without the moat. A place of refuge, solitude, peace and quiet, reflection and rest. That’s why home security is essential, ensuring your home looks and feels fantastic. And nothing can ruin your enjoyment of your place quicker than a bug infestation. Flies, ants, spiders, gnats, cockroaches – all these vermin are guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

However, you can do a few things to ensure your home stays bug-free all year round. This helpful article will share some of the best bug prevention methods out there and some practical tips to keep your home clean, tidy and free of pests. Read on to discover more.

Invest in a Flyscreen Door

If you don’t already have them, installing some flyscreen doors from Melbourne on your front and back door will do wonders to keep flying insects out of your home. Flys can zip in quickly, so you must be diligent when keeping your flyscreen doors shut. In addition to keeping flying bugs out of your house, flyscreen doors enable you to quickly air out your home when it’s not too cold, allowing for optimal airflow throughout your house and keeping it fresh and not stuffy and stale.

Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy

Pests like cockroaches and ants are drawn to food sources in your home. They feast on crumbs and other bits of food debris and scraps they can get to. You can remove the temptation by keeping your home clean and tidy. Regular vacuuming will eliminate any stray crumbs on the floor, and by wiping down your benches after cooking or baking, you’ll work wonders in keeping your place free of bugs.

You don’t have to vacuum the entire house every day, but if you have kids or messy eaters in the home, sweep up the crumbs they leave after each meal. By removing the food source, you’ll go a long way in keeping crawling insects out of your home.

Natural Fly Prevention

There are a few eco-friendly steps you can take to discourage them from making your house their home. Make some sachets with old handkerchiefs or fabric, fill them with cotton buds soaked with eucalyptus and clove oil, and put in some bay leaves. Then, hang them near windows or doors. Flys loathe the smell of these products and should stay well away. 

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Repellent

Are you planning an outdoor party or summer cookout? Are you worried about those pesky mozzies? Nothing kills a party mood quicker than an itchy mozzie bite and that annoying buzzing sound. To deter the mosquitoes, mix some garlic juice with water and use it as a natural repellent. You can also soak cloth strips in the same solution and hang them near the windows to deter the blighters from getting in at night to feast on you.

Deter Ants From Infesting Your Home

Ants are another common household pest, but lucky for you, there are ways to keep them at bay. They hate mint, so dry and crush some mint or sprinkle mint tea where they hang around, and they’ll avoid the area. Or, if you can spot where they’re getting into your home, make a line of cinnamon and citrus oil or even coffee grounds – they won’t be able to cross over and will stay outside.

Clean Your Yard

Another excellent way to safeguard your home against insect invaders is to reduce the number of bugs in your yard. The fewer bugs are living there, the fewer that will make their way into your home. 

While an entirely insect-free yard is impossible, you can reduce the number of them by tidying your garden and removing dead tree limbs, grass clippings, leaf piles and other random organic matter that accumulates in your garden. You can keep your home relatively safe by reducing the viable insect habitat.

Keep Pet Food Away

Pet food, especially dry kibble, is an enticing feast for insects. If you leave bowls of kibble out at home, you provide a free lunch for cockroaches and other vermin to gorge upon. Instead of leaving the bowls out, set breakfast and dinner times for your pets and only put out what they will eat during these times. Then, pack away the bowls and the food until the next mealtime. This may also have the secondary effect of stopping your pets from gaining too much weight.

A Bug-Free Summary

This informative article has shared how you can keep your home free of insects all year round. Follow these tips to reduce insect habitats, remove food sources and repel them with eco-friendly methods. While you can’t guarantee an utterly bug-free house, these tips should help you maintain a home mostly free of vermin. 

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