How To Get An Air Purifier In Canberra

Shortage of Air Purifiers in Canberra HOW TO FIND ONE

How to get an Air Purifier in Canberra  – As our beloved country burns, smoke settles over Canberra and ScoMo goes from one blunder to the next, the nation has to ask what’s next. One thing above all else we have to respect is the Australian spirit and our collective optimism in the face of hardships.

One issue facing Canberrans who are suffering from Asthma, have young babies, pregnant, elderly, or suffer another respiratory disease will be not only feeling the heat but also the microparticles from the bush fires. Many have tried to alleviate this can be an air purifier however they have sold out in Canberra and other than a few opportunists charging inflated prices, with online being also difficult to get one.

Sydney number of stores selling out fast having the go deeper into Sydney to find them.

Air Purifiers Canberra Where to Find Them

I have heard a rumour that as of Canberra Costco will have a batch.

Sydney Goodguys and Harvey Norman have some but not the Campbell town store.

I am p0lanning to drive to Sydney tomorrow and grab a number of the Dyson brand ones each with own receipt. Returning to Canberra tomorrow afternoon.

Get an Air Purifier in Canberra

I plan to offer them at cost price plus small voluntary help with petrol money (strictly voluntary) for people who need them in Canberra with cash on collection. However, I would require (without any proof) a pledge to donate to the Firemen and woman who are out on the front line keeping our nation as safe as possible, and secondly a promise to write to your local MP and suggest strategies we can use to reduce the risk in the future, and help the government to account for their choices made.

I plan to keep it simple and buy Dyson with Hepa Filter

(This blog is not run for profit and only for my fun, this is not in any way a marketing or other scheme just someone trying to help a fellow Canberran out)


Email asap if interested (you will not be added to any lists, this is a genuine offer to help)

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** RUN DONE ALL SAFE Thanks, everyone! Give what you can to our Fire Fighters **

**Any elderly or people struggling with the smoke please keep safe, lets all hope and pray the air clears soon.**

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Fun Fact

Can an air purifier be prescribed?

Since an air purifier can be used for many applications, in order for it to be considered eligible, they must be proven to treat a specific medical condition and therefore must be prescribed by a physician.

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