7 Tips on How To Flirt With a Guy Over Video Call

How do I Flirt through an Online Video Chat?

Long-distance relationships have come a long way in recent years. Texting, IG, TikTok, and video chat applications have replaced calling as the most excellent method to keep connected with your beau from afar less than 20 years ago. Knowing how to organize a fantastic FaceTime date might be helpful whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, you or your SO travel for business regularly, or you want to check to date app matches before meeting up IRL. It is where these FaceTime date ideas might help. Although you’re not in the same room, video conferencing may help you connect emotionally and physically with someone through body language, even if you’re not together in person. 

Acknowledge These Tips To Flirt With A Guy Over Video Call-

1. Instead Of Looking At The Screen, Look Into The Camera

When it comes to flirting, eye contact is crucial. Try to gaze into your webcam or camera as much as possible to give the impression that you’re locking eyes with him. You don’t need to do it throughout the video call since it might be taxing, but a quick peek here and there can help to revitalize your conversation. Also, try to do it while he’s speaking, so it appears like you’re genuinely interested in what he’s saying.


2. Do Make-up 

Greene and Avgitidis encourage getting ready for your FaceTime date the same way you would for a date in person, whether that means applying makeup and curling your hair or sliding into a gorgeous dress that boosts your confidence by spritzing on your trademark perfume. If contouring and highlighting aren’t part of your routine, there’s no need to go crazy; it’s just about doing whatever gives you a boost of confidence so you can feel good about yourself on your date. BTW, the way your makeup appears on FaceTime is heavily influenced by the lighting in the room. So, before your date, check over your appearance on your camera, tablet, or laptop’s camera to see if there are any adjustments you need to make.

3. Ask Follow-Up Questions 

When you two start talking, please pay attention to what he says. Make eye contact (looking into the camera) and urge him to expound on his story to practise active listening. For example, if he informed you he took a test today, you may inquire, “How do you think you did?” You may say, “If he’s describing that he just finished working on a science project,” or “If he’s explaining that he just finished working on a science project.” “Oh, that’s great! What is the topic of your project?” It is not only a flirty strategy, but it may also help you keep the conversation flowing and prevent awkward pauses.


4. Learn New Things 

A FaceTime date is an ideal way to get to know each other better since you can utilize nonverbal communication to have some intense conversations. Greene suggests taking advantage of this by playing guessing games or sharing esoteric knowledge. For example, the “Two Truths and a Lie” game is an excellent way to start a FaceTime conversation, not only because you’ll be able to share personal information but also because you’ll have fun guessing which truths are true.


5. Get Creative 

Think beyond the box, says Greene, regarding FaceTime dates. Although there’s nothing wrong with watching a little Netflix and relaxing now and again, there are many things you can do using video chat. Why not throw a combined dance party from your living room or play a multiplayer internet game? Greene recommends entertaining each other by making the same food in your kitchens or ordering takeout by candlelight. The aim is to reproduce conventional dating experiences directly in your own house, and the options are truly unlimited.


6. Work The Angles 

Video talking may be awkward, which is one of the possible disadvantages of a FaceTime date. Avgitidis recommends taking some time to set up your camera to avoid an embarrassing double chin or an uncomfortable peek into your nose. Correspondingly your camera should be right above eye level. Avgitidis recommends stacking a few books beneath the base to raise it if you’re using a laptop. If you’re using a tablet, use something to hold it in place and secure it, so you don’t have any awkward moments in the middle of a FaceTime call. No one enjoys being shaken around’ on a date.


7. Play Online Games 

An enjoyable hobby might help you and your partner become closer. Play Exploding Kittens, Jackbox Games, or Heads Up, an online multiplayer game. Tell your crush that whoever wins needs to buy the other person supper when you meet up in person. You may get to know each other better by participating in an enjoyable activity that doesn’t demand much work. You may also play a multiplayer video game together if you have consoles.

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