How to Deal With Stress?

How to Handle Stress?

Learn to deal with stress is very important in these days. As there are; 1 out of 3 persons is a patient of depression. Stress is a mental situation in which a person can be feeling tired even before the week started. Being overwhelmed every day. Having severe headaches, or other body aches. Mood off is the most common one.

There can be many reasons for having stress. But in this article, we are going to discuss useful ways or helpful tips to deal with stress.

Our main motive is; prevention of stress. But these tips will be helpful for the people who are going through a stressful situation right now. Few of these might become your favourite habits or tips to avoid stress in future. Every one of us deserve to live a relaxing, tension-free and much lighter life.

Helpful Tips & Habits That Work to Deal With Stress

#1 – To-do list

Many of us, never understood the importance of the to-do list. And, others always making overloaded which can’t be achieved within a day at least. Well, both types of people have the wrong habit. A long to-do list will increase stress and feeling of overwhelming when you wouldn’t be able to complete all the tasks enlisted. Without a to-do list, there are chances that important tasks get skipped so the day end, again you will have a stressful situation to deal with.

The best habit is that always create a short to-do list, containing just 1-3 important tasks priority wise. You will feel a big difference.

#2 – Multi-tasking

This word is good to hear, speak or write-only. Doing multitasks at the same time can end up with all mess. Take the example of a guy having multi-girlfriends, many might say that they can keep happy all the girls without letting them know about each other. But, sooner or later you will notice that either they have been caught red-handed or they are under severe stress by having fears.

To have a less stressed and better living, always do one task at a time. You are reading, finish reading first before starting work on any other task. You sit to write an article, finish it first to before thinking about starting the next task.

Always do one task at a time; no matter, which field of life it belongs. To be productive and deliver a high-quality job, you must need focus which can be achieved by doing one job/task at a time.

Multiple revisions, polishing, re-arranging and going back to start will waste much more time and still, you will not be able to achieve the required results.

Even if you have multiple tasks to be completed in a single day, you can schedule each one of them but while working on one task, don’t think or plan anything about next.

#3- Communication is Better Than Misunderstandings

Everyone can’t read the minds of others. And, not all of your guesses will be correct each time. There are chances that misunderstandings happen if you will rely on your guesses or mind-reading skills. You want to go abroad for higher education. without talking to your parents, how can you say that they will never allow you to travel across the border? Communication is an only positive solution to prevent negativity, unnecessary conflicts and time wastage. Keep in mind, there will be BIG NO unless you talk.


#4- Petting a Cat or Dog

You can adopt a cat to get relaxed. The naughty activities of a cat will make you laugh at her. It is good for your mental health. Little pets are not only for making your day great but also considered best lifelong companions. So, having a cat will decrease your stress.


#5- Do Something to Make Yourself Happy

Work, work and work can make you dull, less productive and unhappy person. While sometimes, giving time to something that really makes you happy can relax your mind. It can be playing with kids like a kid. Getting wet in rain, spending time with your pets, or any other hobby such as reading stories, gardening, watching TV or even listening to music. The time spent with the things you love to do will never be wasted, it will leave very positive effects on your mind and body.


#6- Learn to Say No

Many people are living their life with stress because they can’t say NO at all. If you’re already overloaded; then welcoming more work can lead a stressful situation. And, you won’t be able to finish any task effectively on time. Best solution is taking responsibilities which can be fulfilled easily, else saying straight No is far better than failing everything.


#7- Be Motivated

All the days aren’t the same. Days can be when you couldn’t get time to complete the planned tasks. Due to any reason such as guests arrival, bad mood or just due to any other reason, couldn’t find time or mood to work.

This is also a part of life. You should understand yourself and remind you by saying that there will be tomorrow too. So, the pending tasks can be done by tomorrow. And, if creating a to-do list. You can assign top priority to the tasks which should be done by the previous day but you couldn’t so those must be done by today (next day).

Getting angry or scolding yourself will only increase the stress level which will decrease your self-confidence, energy and motivation. You can’t waste time in useless stuff.


#8- Letting Go

Everything isn’t made for everyone. In case, you couldn’t get something, simply let that go, be relaxed and forget all. Neither you can keep everyone happy nor you can stay happy in all aspects.

A student worked very very hard but couldn’t gain A+ grades, so taking stress isn’t a solution. Simply, be relax and work hard in the next class. Even, always poor grades. Still, help yourself by telling that grades aren’t guaranteed of one’s intelligence 🙂 It won’t change your grades but will not only relax your mind but will save you time too.

#9- Living in Present

Maybe, you will think, how can a person live in past or future? Spending too much time reminding past or creating imaginations of future means living in past or future instead of Present/today. You should live and enjoy every moment which is happening right now. Staying in past or future can easily grab towards negativity and end up of stressing out.


#10- Sharing with Somebody

If you are in extreme level of stress, or you have any negative thoughts about anyone or anything which is upsetting you. Better to share the whole situation with someone you trust. Sometimes, when a person in in stressed situation, he/she can’t see the big picture. so, sharing it with someone will help you to see big picture.

Mostly, just letting everything out will help to decrease the stress.

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