How to Create a Cozy and Stylish Living Room

Once upon a time there were times when the living room was a room where guests were received. This is where the name came from – the living room. Today, the importance of the living room in the life of an apartment, whether at home, has expanded.

Today, in this room, not only receive guests, but also relax, and some combine it with the dining room, and allocate an area for a dining table. So when you start furnishing the living room, then be guided by what exactly you are planning in this room. And we will try to help you in this article.

Modern furniture manufacturers, by the way, are also not very unanimous in their opinions about what a living room is. Someone, when arranging headsets, assembles upholstered furniture with coffee tables, armchairs and cabinets. But Western European manufacturers supplement these sets with dining tables and sideboards. We believe that the easiest way to choose pine furniture for the living room is based on your own understanding of this room and probably even on one subject. In stores, it is quite possible to find headsets that are not sold as a set, but separately, and choose what you need. But you should start with what will become the center of your room. It can be a TV stand, a sofa or a fireplace. An exquisite coffee table can become a decoration of the room. The sofa and armchairs are usually positioned so that they can see the TV from them.

To make it more convenient to move furniture, manufacturers equip cabinets (television for sure) and tables with rollers. This is very practical. Especially when it comes to coffee tables and CD shelves.

And the style? What is the best style for this room? subject of ongoing controversy. How many copies are broken about this question. We will not insist on anything. We only note that the eternal classic will become a compromise. Not only a compromise, but also the safest option – perhaps the classic is the style that is unlikely to go out of fashion. But in general, you should rely on your taste. Minimalism, Gothic, Baroque, Oriental and Pseudo-Greece – all these options can be realized in our days. Color deserves no less attention. Cold tones versus warm tones. Or a combination of them? And you can use color schemes to divide the room into several zones. Let’s say, decorate the dining area in warm colors, the reading area in gentle colors and the play area, the TV area in cold colors. Or vice versa – cozy tones for the sofa, light with a bias towards cold – for the dining table.

Tip 1

First of all, you need to pay attention to the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, the size of the windows. If the living room is small, then you do not need to install bulky furniture in it. Sofa, without which you can not do, it is better to buy a corner sofa. A TV stand is not particularly relevant today: a flat screen is easy to mount on the wall. To give more comfort in the hall, you can install a small fireplace or its imitation. A coffee table is appropriate in the living room, on which you can put small things, put cups of tea. Transforming furniture will be convenient, for example, a table at which you can have lunch or dinner with the whole family.

If the owners are adherents of the classical style in the interior, you can spread a large carpet on the floor. For books, video and audio equipment, it is appropriate to equip shelves on which figurines, flower vases, and other accessories can also be placed.

Tip 2

If the living room is spacious, it is easy to create “islands of communication”, which have become popular in recent years. To visually expand the space of a small apartment, use light colors of luxury furniture, wallpaper, curtains. If the living room is poorly lit by the sun, these tones should be warm. On large windows, curtains made of translucent fabric look great.

Responsibility for lighting in the house lies with the chandelier, but other types of lamps will also create coziness and intimate atmosphere.

Sconces are installed on the walls. Floor lamps are placed by the armchair or near the sofa. A table lamp on the rack will also create coziness and a warm atmosphere. Halogen bulbs built into the false ceiling are popular in living rooms.

Tip 3

Having chosen furniture for the living room that meets your tastes, choosing the color of wallpaper and curtains, revising your old furniture, buying new ones, feel free to take on the transformation of not only the living room, but the entire apartment! Offers for interior design are very diverse.

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