How to Choose a Gold Chain for a Pendant

If there was ever a need to choose the best jewelry pair, there’s no doubt it would be a chain necklace and a pendant. Those two add the maximum appeal the jewelry is capable of to the look when they’re combined right. There are quite a number of chain styles, which results in diversity of necklaces, but it also makes harder to pick the suitable chain for the pendant you wish to wear. How about we’ll discuss few gold link styles of the chain necklaces to get the idea of what types of pendants will make a perfect match for them.

  1. Cable chain

Let’s start with the most basic chain necklace, the cable chain. It’s the item you imagine first when you hear the word ‘chain’. It consists of round or oval links connected together in a single row. The simplicity of the cable chain is its the most important advantage, as it’s versatile enough to go well with any outfit. Of course, they can be made of different lengths and widths, but typically the cable chain is rather delicate. Thus, they’re not the best choice for over-the-top large pendants. The cable chain prefers petite elegant pendants that highlight lightweight delicacy of the ensemble. Such an unobtrusive but charming duet is appropriate with any look at any event. The lifesaving combination that should be present in every jewelry box.

  1. Cuban link chain

As the chain that has become popular thanks to the rappers, the necklace is destined for the huge heavy iced-out pendants inherent to the hip-hop style. Since the 1970s when the chain was on top of fashion trends for the first time, it has grown more and more recognizable around the world. These days the Cuban link chain is one of the most famous patterns featuring massive flat oval twisted links. It’s the statement jewelry that requires the pendant alike. Through those years the rappers, it seems, haven’t missed the chance to experiment with the size, weight and design of the pendants for this chain, and we can tell with confidence that it has passed all the tests. The Cuban link chain is very practical, strong and appealing necklace that’ll become a reliable support for your large pendant and will help you demonstrate your status and express individuality while looking edgy and stylish. Don’t hold yourself back and make your jewelry noticeable!

  1. Box chain

The necklace that’ll definitely make perfectionists look. As the classic design displays the square-shaped links with straight edges and strict lines, the chain gets the mesmerizing geometry ready to satisfy every idealist. The style of the chain is also available in rounded variation, making the edges milder and the overall appearance of the jewelry softer. The main advantages of the box chain are its endurance and exceptional shine provided by strong connection of polished lustrous links. A box chain is a luxury piece of jewelry valued by the real connoisseurs gifted with the exclusive taste. 

The laconic look of the box chain creates harmonious pair with the structural minimalistic pendants of geometric shapes. Though the strength of the jewelry guarantees that it may handle rather weighty pendants, the somewhat humble yet sharp items are preferable. The polished and sleek pendants that match the box chain by their brilliance will complete any look flawlessly.

  1. Beaded dog-tag chain

The design that came from military and displays round ball links was made for the purpose to wear tag-like medallions. It came into fashion with the tendency to personalize jewelry and make the items more individual and unique. The chain is a practical jewelry suitable for casual outfits and everyday wear. The links of the necklace are sleek and haptic, as it’s extremely pleasant to touch them and slide the pendant up and down. It soothes the mind at times of deep thought. 

You are free to experiment with the pendants for the dog-tag chain, but the best combination is one that is classic. Tag-like medallions make the perfect option for this necklace, besides, you can have anything you wish engraved on them.

  1. Figaro chain

The Italian design that is considered one of the best real gold chains for men. It doesn’t mean it isn’t fitted for women, it only means that men love this chain style and choose it very often to wear with their pendants. The pattern is really simple but catchy. It shows one long oval link followed by several smaller round ones. It’s the case when the easy construction makes the intriguing design.

Usually, the Figaro chain looks quite delicate, but in fact it’s rather durable. While the massive pendants won’t make the best combination, the smaller and intricate items will definitely make it work. As the Figaro chain style is filled with passion, the pendants and medallions of religious motifs match the necklace perfectly. The jewelry represents one of the basic chain types that is able to finish a great deal of outfits and can be styled with different pendants, as well as with other jewelry items. It’s a must-have for your jewelry collection.

The best way to combine a gold chain with a pendant is to match the materials of both jewelry items. It’s clear enough that if you opt for gold chain, the pendant should also be made of gold, but what about the color? The shades of gold are better to be the same as well, so choosing classic yellow gold chain, select the pendant that is also made of yellow gold. If you prefer elegant silvery colors, consider the combination of a white gold pendant and a chain alike. Looking for unique decisions? Opt for the sophisticated rose gold ensemble. But don’t try to mix those jewelry pieces’ colors, as it’ll result in a tacky and dissonant image.

Try to match the pendant and the chain in size. Keep in mind, that thick chain won’t look good with a petite pendant, and vice versa, the bulky pendant won’t fit with the delicate chain necklace.

The harmonious duet of a gold chain and a pendant is able to tell a lot about their owner to the world. It can make a statement about your status and wealth, tell people about your beliefs, make a hint on your hobbies and passions, be a meaningful reminder of dear memories or people you love, or become a nice accessory to compliment your outfit. The chosen right high-end jewelry is a great way to express your identity in a fancy and stylish manner. The tips from the above should make the decision easier for you, and the jewelry you pick should result in a bunch of unbelievable and unforgettable looks you’ll enjoy to wear.

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